3 Rituals I Do Every Day to Thrive



Rituals are intentional moments of daily joys that keep you grounded! Rituals are something I have come to crave and have seen the benefits not just to me but my sweet family, my health and my business


Reality is chaotic times WILL come! But good news is, you are in charge of your response to that chaos. Rituals will provide you stability and calm in the midst of the chaos! Trust me, you’ll notice a difference!

Don’t worry, rituals do not have to be robotic or grandiose, simply choose one little activity you can repeat daily, do that for a few days and then add in another ritual. Keep these as moments you crave and moments that bring positivity to your day!

Here are 3 rituals I do daily—morning, afternoon and night—that keep me grounded, calm and productive!

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Calming morning ritual

This one is a non-negotiable and a way I choose to intentionally show up for myself. I sorta view this as disrespecting myself if I don’t choose to prioritize myself first thing. I wouldn’t press snooze on an important meeting or date night with my husband, so why would I press snooze on myself. This really put things in perspective for me and helped me actually get out of bed at 5:30am sharp!

* There are seasons when this is not realistic and that is ok, zero guilt! The great thing about rituals is you crave them, you don’t feel guilty when you can’t make it happen. Right now during a rough pregnancy, sleep is most important, so I’ve been doing a modified and shortened morning routine after breakfast! Always adjust your rituals accordingly to your present needs! *

Your morning routine might be 10 minutes or it might be 2 hours, this really depends on the phase of life you are in. If you approach your morning routine as your way to fill up your cup right from the start, you will thrive!

A few things I like to do, I always prep the coffee the night before and have a cozy spot with soft lighting or a candle where I do my morning routine. This is a ritual cue for me. My brain knows that’s my spot for my quiet time. I’ll make the coffee and then start in on my devotions. I read my Bible, a devotions book and go through my prayer journal.

This is always the most important thing for me, I know I need this to ground me for the day. Typically I have about 45 minutes left and I’ll start in on one of my big 3 tasks for the day! My house is still quiet (hopefully!), so it’s important for me to start a big task first rather than check my email, Instagram or something that is more distracting.

Once I go get my daughter out of her bed, we have a few minutes together before we make breakfast, make beds and get dressed. I usually like to play calming worship music so that we both start our day with calm and joy! My morning routine truly sets the entire day up for success.

Tools for my morning ritual

For more on my morning rituals check out THIS video! >

Afternoon chocolate snack break

Ok this is one of my favorite rituals and oh my goodness, it’s a total game changer for happy and productive afternoons. Every afternoon about 1-2 pm, I get a cool glass of water or sparkling water and a square or two of chocolate. This is a daily joy I always look forward to and keeps me going in the afternoon. It’s also something I do to intentionally pause and take a few moments for myself. As a mama it’s so important to carve out these times to fill up my cup. I always do this during nap time and after I’ve tackled at least two things off my big work to do list!

Some of the best moments to incorporate rituals are during transition times—maybe that’s after lunch when you feel a slump of productivity or maybe that’s before nap time ends if applicable to you…maybe that’s even after work before you transition back to home life. Add in a little ritual to keep you going so that you can transition to the next moment with patience and joy!

Seriously try it. Change your scenery, take 1-2 minutes to do some deep breathing, grab some chocolate or even iced matcha! I often transition from my desktop computer to my laptop and change up my environment too!

Favorite chocolates

  • Hu Kitchen (the best, ALWAYS!)
  • Endorfin Foods
  • Daydream Dessert
  • Honey Mamas
  • Pure 7 Chocolates
  • Raaka Chocolate

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Getting into my PJs first

Ok before you laugh at me, hear me out! This is one of my favorite and most powerful motherhood rituals—gosh it’s totally changed my perspective during the evenings when I’m often feeling drained and not so patient. This allows me put on my own oxygen mask first. I love that it also shows my family that I choose to intentionally take care of myself—I think its so important to actively live out our rituals for our family as they mimic us!

Get into your PJs right after dinner first before you help your little ones. Maybe even put them on before dinner, I know I do this in wintertime very often. That way once your kiddos are in bed, you are already ready for bed and can enjoy your evening right away. Being clean and cozy also makes your nighttime routine with your kiddos that much more enjoyable for you. Even if you don’t have kiddos get cozy right away! Bonus points, this takes 5 minutes and is free!

Favorite PJs

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