Episode 49: Questions from the Audience



Today’s episode is so fun because we are digging in and answering YOUR burning questions, the things you wish you could ask your Nutritionist bestie…if you had one. Well, now you do!

We reached out to you, our listeners, and asked what you want to know more about, from nutrition, lifestyle, business and everything in between. In today’s episode, we dive into our fave environmentally-friendly clothing brands, our top cookbooks (even for feeding little ones), some of our favorite everyday detox methods, the best busy mom snacks and more! We’ve linked to all of the products, books or sites we mention in the episode below so you can snag all our faves!

We’re also spilling the beans on our upcoming GIVEAWAY in celebration of our 50th episode! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to score these delicious eats and clean beauty treats. All you have to do is write a review in iTunes and you’ll be entered to win!

Highlight Reel

02:02 | Episode 50 Giveaway items…revealed

05:03 | Our fave environmental-friendly, ethical clothing brands and why this matters

17:57 | Thyroid health ain’t so easy

22:03 | How to detox everyday stress

26:25 | Why we never leave home without snacks


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