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Episode 50: Our Daily Routines—Balancing Health & Grace

Sep 18, 2017

50 episodes!? It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we started this journey, sharing our passion for real food and mindful living with you, our beautiful friends. We’re beyond grateful for all the times you’ve shared an episode with a friend or told a family member to tune in! We can’t say it enough, thank you for listening!

We share a lot of helpful information about creating a healthier life, but we’ve never shared our own daily routines with you. Some have asked to get an insider look at our day to day, so on today’s episode, we’re sharing the routines that keep us healthy each day- what we do for breakfast, when we work and why, our struggles and everything in between.

Now, for the fun part! We’ve been talking about our 50th episode giveaway for weeks and we officially announced the winner in this episode!

Thank you Primally Pure for sponsoring this episode! Be sure to listen along to learn how you can get your free lip balm!


Highlight Reel

04:20 | The crazy beginning to our podcast

06:36 | What we’ve each learned throughout these 50 episodes

13:52 | Justine’s morning routine

39:35 | The self-care activity Caroline is all about these days

42:32 | Justine’s struggles with routines


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