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How to set up a healthy Amazon Subscribe & Save

Sep 20, 2017

How to Set up a Healthy Amazon Subscribe & SaveI often joke that the post office is my grocery store and shopping mall all wrapped up in one!  Living in Spain, the food has been amazing, far better quality and far cheaper than anything in America, so for that I am thankful, but when it comes to a lot of my pantry staples, snacks and beauty items, most all of that gets purchased online so I can carefully choose the brands and items I LOVE!

I love anything that can be automated, because I can set it and forget it! This has saved me so much time, random trips running around town and money as well.  I ONLY put on subscribe and save what we actually need and use each day as I am not a fan of stockpiling or keeping a lot on hand.  Clutter and excess stresses me out, so this way, I have just what I need and nothing more!

When we first moved to Spain, I spent about an hour setting up subscribe and save on Amazon and truthfully that saved me at times.  I have adjusted some items and the frequency and now feel like I have found that sweet spot of just right!

Keeping healthy options on hand for when those busy days or cravings come is one of my best ways to stay consistently healthy.  With Amazon subscribe and save, I am not out of luck when it comes time to pack my suitcase or add a spoonful of collagen to my daily cup of coffee.

I am ALL about routines (which we talk about on this podcast episode) but also most importantly, simplifying what can be simplified! That way you have more time in your day to do the fun and life giving activities!

So where to start?

Think about things you use consistently on a daily basis and start there—go through your routine and make a list of what items you always use.  

Don’t add something to your list that you only use ever so often just to get the savings—you will end up forgetting about it, stockpiling too much of something and spend more money in the long run!

Here is a look at my Amazon subscribe & save…

*Please note, sometimes they remove the subscribe and save option, so check back in a few days as Amazon is constantly changing.


Once you get to 5 items a month, you get a 15% off discount, so I try to arrange things in groupings of 5.

What tips or tricks have you found to simplify your routines?  Leave a comment below! I love learning new ideas!

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