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Episode 70: Second Trimester Tips: Staying Healthy & Avoiding Comparison

Mar 5, 2018

Episode 70: Second Trimester Tips: Staying Healthy & Avoiding ComparisonToday, we are talking pregnancy again, 2nd trimester specifically. Caroline just made it through her second trimester so we wanted to talk about some important aspects of nutrition and healthy living that can really make a huge difference in your and most importantly, your baby’s health.

In today’s episode we are talking about the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of mama in her second trimester. We believe that each one of these areas has importance on having a healthy pregnancy, labor and birth and creating a beautiful, healthy baby.

We share some very important nutrients to focus your attention on during this time (and where to find them), how physical and emotional stress can affect you and baby and why giving yourself grace can allow for more joy during this amazing time. We also touch on high risk pregnancies and those dealing with complications and hope to encourage those mamas dealing with the emotional and physical sides of this.

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Highlight Reel

12:30 | Important nutrients for second trimester and where to get them

32:14 | Exercise in your 2nd trimester

33:25 | Back to the important topic of stress–environmental, emotion and physical

43:30 | A few thoughts on high-risk pregnancy


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