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How to Stick to Your New Habits Even When Others Don’t Agree

Feb 28, 2018


How to Stick to Your New Habits Even When Others Don’t AgreeHave you had to break a habit that felt impossible? Did the people around you influence your decision to do it or to persuade you that you are silly and should give up? I think most of us can agree there’s always a moment when you’re ready to break a habit or create a new one, where you consider what others may think…no matter how strong you are in your beliefs!

I’m sure as I become a mom here in just a few short weeks, people will judge my decisions more than ever before.  But you want to know what? I honestly couldn’t care less about the opinions of others!  As long as my husband and I are together in our decisions, that’s what matters most to me.

As a society, sometimes I feel like we put so much value on what others think about our actions, jobs, healthy eating habits, finances, emotions and so much more.  But why do we really care so much about what others think?  Their life is theirs, mine is mine and yours is YOURS.

Personally, I believe that yes we do need to show love and grace towards others, but ultimately we need to stay true to what we know is best for us.  If showing too much love and grace towards others criticizing our decisions starts to become a stumbling block for us, that is a dangerous path to take.  

Don’t be afraid to gracefully speak the truth back to those who disagree with your healthy habits.  Don’t be afraid to stand up for YOU.

At the beginning, when new habits are fragile and not quite firm, daily practices, criticism from others can majorly bring you down and even reverse some of your diligent work.

Ultimately your life is yours, you are the only one responsible for your decisions, so stand strong!

In the midsts of criticism and negativity, how do you stay strong to your convictions and new habits even when others disagree?

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Know that the decisions you make today, both good and bad, will impact your future!

I vividly remember when I was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 20 and dramatically changed my diet.  I got comments like…”Oh Caroline is just trying to be skinny” and trust me that hurt, because in all honesty I was trying to keep myself alive.  Now being 8 months pregnant, I have visibly seen the effects of my strict eating and lifestyle habits over the last years.  Those days when I really wanted to cave and dive head first into a pizza or pint of ice cream are now paying off and will positively affect our daughter’s future.

Ask yourself, is the effects of ________ going to be worth it in an hour, week, year or even decade?

Realize They Might *Just* Be Jealous

This may be harsh, but I firmly believe that people who criticize others for making positive, healthy decisions are just plain jealous.  Maybe they aren’t confident in their own skin, maybe they have too much time on their hands, or maybe they resent you for having the discipline to live healthy.  All that comes down to jealousy.

Someone else’s jealousy should NEVER impede your healthy life decisions.

Don’t Compare…EVER

The other day a friend told me, “You never know who is smiling in a photo and then crying in the bathroom.”  Reality is…you never know the WHOLE story.

Comparison truly is the thief of joy, but it also can set you up for failure.  It’s easy to look at someone and say, “Oh they started this new workout routine and lost weight quickly.” or “She got pregnant *so* easily.” or “She seems to have it all together.”

Comparison doesn’t change your story, and in fact it only takes that much more effort and energy that you could be dedicating to your new healthy habits.  Invest your time and energy in making the best decisions for YOU.

Your story—your successes and failures—are beautiful just because they are YOURS.

Know Your Facts

Take the time to research and know why you want to eat healthy, choose better beauty products or eliminate stress.  When you have factual knowledge behind your decisions rather than “Oh my Facebook friend said to do this…” you not only will be able to clearly communicate your why to others, but it will also solidify your new habits and make them that much easier for you to choose each day.


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