Clearing Up Confusion on Changes in the Skincare Industry

Episode 74: Clearing Up Confusion on Changes in the Skincare Industry



Clearing Up Confusion on Changes in the Skincare Industry

We’ve been talking a lot about creating a non-toxic home on the podcast so we wanted to make sure we didn’t leave out one of the most important aspects, your beauty and skincare routine. These are the products we use daily, that sit on our skin for hours and hours and ultimately find their way into our bloodstream, making their safety a major concern.

Today we’re getting into some of the nitty gritty of the beauty industry with our dear friend and a woman who is passionate about health, fitness and safer beauty, Kate Criswell. Kate is a Managing Director with Beautycounter and is one of the women we go to often with questions about the beauty industry and what’s really going on behind fancy labels and companies upping their “greenwashing” game.

In today’s episode, our big focus and the main questions we put together for Kate were about going beyond labels like, “natural” and “organic,” and figuring out what is really being used and showing up in our beauty and skincare products. We also want to know how to choose products that are truly safer, made by companies who are taking a stand for real change within the industry and doing the rigorous testing needed.

Kate shares what the term “greenwashing” means, why “natural” products aren’t always as safe as you’d think, and why the safety of the ingredients used may be a bigger deal than their sourcing. She’s also got some great resources and ways to help you dig into your makeup bag and learn about the products you’re using and just how safe they really are.

Our hope is always to create conversations about topics that affect our health and share information that can help you make healthier choices within your life. We hope we can continue the better beauty convo with today’s episode and encourage you to create changes that positively impact your and your family’s health!

Highlight Reel

04:12 | How greenwashing may = brainwashing

11:15 | Sourcing vs. safety

17:25 | The best resource for getting started with better beauty

27:45 | What’s trending this year in the safer skincare world

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