Episode 97: How good sleep impacts your day + sleepy time tips



Today we are talking about one of our very favorite things in life–sleep! We’ve touched on different aspects of sleep in previous episodes, but we wanted to take some time to focus on it specifically today. Sleep is one of those daily habits that can truly make or break our overall health and hugely affect how we function day in and day out.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about why sleep is so important, sharing some interesting sleep facts and of course, giving you some actionable ways to create healthier sleep habits to make sure you’re getting enough of it and the best quality possible. We’re also talking a bit about our own sleepy time routines and what has worked best for us personally.

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Highlight Reel:

09:20 | What good sleep can do for you

11:40 | Sleep facts–a few things you may not have known

20:50 | The emotional piece of sleep

23:30 | Sleep time rules

32:45 | Our sleepy time routines

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