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Organic Baby Bath Time

Oct 10, 2018

Organic Baby Bath Time | Flourish by Caroline Potter NTPBath time is quickly becoming one of my favorite times each day.  Remington loves splashing around and giggling and cooing to herself—it is a special time to wind down the day together.  I can’t wait until she can sit up on her own and play with her bath toys!

I’m not going to lie, most often I attempt to rinse off and slip on my own PJs before getting her in the bath.  Taking a few moments to prioritize myself has been so helpful in this postpartum phase.

Now that Remington is a bit older, bed time routines are very important to help signal her it is time to go to sleep.  I am such a routine person that I love this, but it truly does make a difference to how she sleeps at night.

Remington has had VERY sensitive skin from day one and choosing the safest products possible to come in contact with her and her skin is a top priority for us.  I have had fabulous results using all these items with her sensitive skin and when we travel I even bring her wash cloth and towel as they are so soft!!


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Organic Baby Bath Time | Flourish by Caroline Potter NTPOrganic Baby Bath Time | Flourish by Caroline Potter NTPOrganic Baby Bath Time | Flourish by Caroline Potter NTP

Organic Baby Bath Favorites

Coyuchi Organic Cotton Washcloth: These are the softest washcloths ever!! Choosing organic cotton is so important to me, especially for bath items as the skin is more “open” when warm and thus more susceptible to absorbing.

Coyuchi Organic Hooded Towel: I love this hooded towel and it too is SO soft.  My husband also thinks it’s the cutest!

Primally Pure Goat Baby Bar: This all natural goat milk based soap is incredible.  Remington has very sensitive skin, and has from day one, and this has been magic for her! Side note: I also use it when traveling to minimize space and my mom who has the most sensitive skin ever is now obsessed!

Primally Pure Baby Balm: So creamy, I actually started using this balm when I was pregnant to help with stretch marks.  I applied a thin layer when Remington had baby acne the first few weeks and also have been using it on her face to help with minor eczema and it has been amazing.  You can read more about why these specific ingredients are so nourishing HERE.

Primally Pure Baby Oil: Very light and calming, this oil comes with a flower in the jar and is so beautiful to use! I highly recommend the baby kit as then you will get a fun travel back and smaller versions of the balm and oil that are perfect for travel!

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Beautycounter Calming Diaper Cream: This is a LIFESAVER and I highly recommend keeping a tube on hand.  Remington has not had any diaper rashes, probably due to diapers and wipes we use, but does get a little red down there from time to time, especially on a day with many diaper changes.  This cream instantly takes the redness away and is very soothing! This safer cream is formulated with non-nano zinc oxide, to create a protective barrier that helps prevent redness and irritation.

Bath Toys: Oil and Carol Sail Boat, Oil and Carol Duck, Sophie ‘So Pure” Bath Toy, Elegant Baby Squirt Bath Set, Hevea Mini Rubber Duck, Green Toys Bath Toys

De-cholorinating bath ball: helps remove chlorine from the water.  Chlorine is a toxic gas that can lead to respiratory problems, asthma or allergies and small children (as well as the elderly) are most susceptible.  If you don’t have a bath ball, I recommend opening your window during bath time to let the fresh air flush out any contaminates in the water.

Organic Baby Bath Time | Flourish by Caroline Potter NTPOrganic Baby Bath Time | Flourish by Caroline Potter NTPOrganic Baby Bath Time | Flourish by Caroline Potter NTP

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