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These natural living subscription services literally save me day to day! While juggling running my business, being a mom + a wife and just general life responsibilities, being able to set and forget things we use on a daily basis comes in so handy.

I’m a big believer that time is our biggest asset—once it’s gone, it’s gone. There is no getting more time! I try to free up as much time as possible by automating where I can in my life. Plus it saves me so much stress and brain power!

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I try my best to focus on small businesses, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable brands when possible and love knowing that my dollars impact far beyond just the product that arrives at my front door.

Here are some of my favorite natural living, sustainable + eco friendly subscription services!

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Food + Coffee Subscription Services

Thrive Market // My go to for anything in my pantry, snacks and baking goods! I have a subscription set up with items we use on a day to day basis (you get about 10% off too). I place individual orders for items we don’t use on a consistent basis too. This is a great way to make sure I have healthy snacks on hand for our sweet daughter so I never stress last minute!

My subscription box contains: 

  • gluten free graham crackers
  • Bobo’s oat bars
  • gluten free pasta
  • tomato sauce
  • olive oil
  • olives
  • avocado oil mayo
  • chips
  • Milkadamia nut milk
  • Simple Mills crackers
  • King Arthur gluten free pancake mix
  • apple sauce
  • Safe Catch tuna
  • Purely Elizabeth pancake mix
  • Hu Kitchen chocolate + baking gems
  • coconut aminos
  • Seventh Generation easy dose laundry detergent

Bread Srsly // The BEST gluten free bread ever! They use a slow fermentation process so this bread is SO easy on your digestion and blood sugar (seriously even with Type 1 diabetes my blood sugar barely spikes). And it’s one of the only gluten free breads that doesn’t fall apart or taste like cardboard. We go through loaves quickly in our house! Use code ‘flourish’ for free shipping on your first order!

1915 Farm // Hands down the best grass-fed and pasture raised meats EVER. You truly can taste the difference—I’ve never tasted food so good and my husband and daughter agree! Their Grassroots Box is filled with a collection of meats and cuts you will certainly want to eat. I often change my shipping date depending on what we have on stock. You can place additional orders the week your box is shipping and get free shipping too.

Driftaway Coffee // This coffee brand is focused on sustainability and the farmer first, and curates coffee from all over the world! I love this companies mission and you can also test before you subscribe to make sure you get the right coffee for you pallet.

Blue Bottle Coffee // One of my favorite coffee roasters they have many organic options and it’s always fresh! Their decaf is great too!

Supplements + Beauty Subscription Services

Equilibria// This CBD oil has totally changed everything for me! From helping with sleep to anxiety to migraine relief, their subscription is one of my top holistic tips! When you subscribe you save 20% and can delay or cancel your shipment at anytime—seriously SO easy. The Balance Box is my go to subscription for the best night of sleep + calm! Use code ‘flourish’ for 15% off your first order!

Hilma // Keep your ‘natural medicine cabinet’ stocked so that when the need arrises you are prepared! Hilma is SO effective and formulated by doctors and herbalists. Their Tension Relief is a must have ‘natural pain killer’ and so effective for headaches and the Indoor/Outdoor Support has saved me with seasonal allergies. Use code ‘FLOURISH20’ for 20% off your first order!

Seed // The best probiotics—this blend is very effective and contains both probiotics and prebiotics both of which are essential for balanced gut flora and digestion! Their subscription service is a lifesaver. Your first order comes in a glass jar and refills come in a bio-degradable paper package. Use code ‘FLOURISH15’ for 15% off your first order!

Majka // This has been the most helpful tool to me postpartum. I use their Replenishing Powder to make a green drink each morning and it tastes SO good (no chalky taste) and gives me so much energy. Even if you aren’t postpartum this powder is so full of nutrients I highly recommend it for any woman. FLOURISH for 10% off your first order!

Primally Pure Deodorant // My favorite natural deodorant that truly works!! I’ve been using this for 5+ years now and it’s both effective at keeping you smelling sweet and made with top notch, good-for-your-health ingredients. I love the blue tansy and my husband loves charcoal! When you subscribe you get free shipping too! Use ‘FLOURISH’ for 10% off!

Home Cleaning Subscription Services

Grove // Gove is my go to for home cleaning supplies. They are a B-corp and have plenty of non-toxic options and one of the best natural living subscription services!

My subscription contains:

  • Seventh Generation free + clear dish soap
  • Seedling bamboo toilet paper
  • Seventh Generation dishwasher detergent
  • Seventh Generation toilet bowl cleaner

Branch Basics // I love their cleaning All Purpose Concentrate. It’s what we use to clean the entire house and I love that its “one and done” to keep it simple. Their Oxygen Boost is also a must have for stains and keeping whites white!

Cause Box// These seasonal curated boxes are filled with high quality, artisan made items helping to empower women and bring sustainable, eco-friendly items into more homes. These make for fun gifts too! I’m so impressed by their quality, it isn’t just another gift box!

Meal Delivery Subscription Services

Sakara // These are all very fresh and healthy plant based meals and totally DELICIOUS! Literally obsessed over here! I also love their Energy Super Bar and granola. You can easily top any meal with some grilled chicken if you need a bit more but it’s a great option for real, fresh food. Their ingredient selection and flavors are so impressive! Everything is organic, gluten-free and dairy-free. * XOFLOURISH for 20% off your first order!*

Imperfect Foods// Food waste is rampant and Imperfect Foods is all about helping eliminate waste bringing you perfectly good and healthy food that may be not “cosmetically perfect” enough to sell or a surplus item. Goods are available at most places around the US and come straight to your doorstep.

Green Chef // Take the stress out of dinner prep and get everything delivered to your door! Everything is organic and you can choose Paleo friends meals (gluten free), balanced or plant based. Their flavors are so unusual but also comfort food you’ll want to eat!

Children‘s Subscription Services

Coterie // My favorite diapers by far (and I’ve tried them all) that truly absorb everything and keep leaks and blowouts to a minimal! They are chlorine and fragrance free are made with hypoallergenic, clean ingredients and SO gentle even on the most sensitive of skin. You can easily change your subscription or amount anytime – how about this natural living subscription service?

Lovery // We got their play gym when Remington was little and fell in love. My husband even remarked “I thought you were crazy for buying that but she loves it!” Their play box subscription service is great because the activities are all educational based and not overwhelming.

Do you have a favorite healthy subscription brand or item to make your life easier?!

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