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One of the best rituals to develop is your nighttime wind down! When it comes to rituals I always say start with the ‘bookends’ —your morning and night rituals. Reality is we can’t always control everything that happens during the day, but we can control how we start and end our day. This will have the biggest impact on your energy, mood and productivity all day long!

Now I’m in bed early! The deepest sleep due to hormones and circadian rhythms happens between 10pm – 6am, which is why I normally am physically in bed no later than 9:30pm. If you are having problems sleeping or waking up still feeling tired, I highly recommend you get into bed earlier.

Everyday does not look as structured as this, but I hope my sleep time rituals give you some inspiration and encouragement to guard that YOU time, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Cultivating sleep time rituals does not need to be rigid or perfect—find rituals that bring you joy and peace! Are there days when life and work happens and I’m on my phone or computer at night, YES, and that’s ok!

These rituals help shift your body into relaxed mode and will give you the best night of sleep. Sleep is something I guard above all else—I know how it impacts how I show up as a wife, mama and business woman. And sleep doesn’t always come easy, in fact it’s up to YOU to set yourself up for that dreamy night of sleep! It all starts with a few rituals!

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My Sleep Time Rituals

6:30 | 15 minute power clean up

I outline this simple power clean up HERE. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a game changer. It will set your entire day up for success. Sometimes in the winter I’ll make some chamomile tea too and drink it as we tidy up.

6:45 | Nighttime Face Cleansing

I love that the makeup I wear feels so natural and ‘barely there’ at the end of the day, so while I hardly notice it, I do make sure to remove it completely with these Biodegradable Makeup Remover Wipes. This is a step I never skip—when you completely remove your makeup first, your facial cleanser can be that much more effective at actually cleansing. I seriously can’t recommend these wipes enough!

I love the oil cleansing method (I detail more HERE)—I alternate between Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil (has anti-aging properties) and Cleansing Balm. I adore both. I try to let that soak in for a few minutes for a deep cleanse while I brush my teeth.

I finish up with either the Overnight Resurfacing Peel or Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator (alternating days) and Countertime Antioxidant Cream…I love how this soaks in instantly! Then I finish with Ultra Renewal Eye Cream, this is a must for me as it works so well at keeping my eyes less puffy each morning.

6:45-7pm | Magnesium bath or shower

This is one of my favorite times of the evening and no matter how the day went, I always feel so refreshed after. If I’m taking a bath, I fill up the tub and add magnesium flakes—magnesium is a nutrient most women are deficient in and also an anti-stress nutrient which will really help you sleep! I often take a bath with my daughter since we have a big tub—this may seem odd to some but it’s a way I can relax while she plays and get in some self care for me but also help her. For me, anytime I can involve her in a relaxing ritual is a win!

This instantly helps shift the nervous system from sympathetic (stress) mode to parasympathetic (relax) mode and is crucial for a good night sleep! No matter how late or even if we were out late, I always make sure my daughter gets a bath. I swear this makes a difference in her sleep!

7:15pm | PJs on first!

You all know this is one of my go-to self care tips and top 3 daily rituals—if you have little ones, always get into your PJs first. Often I take a quick shower before dinner and get into my PJs really early. This will make your whole night that much more enjoyable.

This allows me put on my own oxygen mask first. I love that it also shows my family that I choose to intentionally take care of myself—I think its so important to actively live out our rituals for our family as they mimic us!

Favorite PJs: Mate the Label (organic!), Cuyana, Lake Pajamas

7:15-7:45pm  | Remington in bed + phone off

We take our daughter upstairs and do her whole bed time ritual. She has music playing in her room so it’s always calming for everyone. I find that when I am already cleaned and in PJs, her time is that much more enjoyable and patient for everyone. 

After she’s in bed, I’ll usually check my phone one more time then put it on airplane mode and away for the night. This has helped me sooooo much calm my mind and anxiety at night as often my mind can be racing.

8-9pm | Time with hubby + bedtime snack

Then my time alone with my husband and I do the best to guard that, even if we both are tired. We’ll do something relaxing, usually watch a show or he’ll play his guitar….best advice here…do something that relaxes you. Your list will be different from mine. Relaxing does not equal reading a book with calming music, although that is nice. Your definition of relaxing is uniquely yours!

Usually about 8pm, about an hour before I like to get into bed because I like to be asleep by 9:30, I’ll have a bed time snack. Having a bedtime snack is key to keeping your blood sugar stable at night. Often we wake up or don’t go into that deep sleep state because of our blood sugar. Keep this to a few bites, something low in sugar and high in fat with a bit of carbohydrates, so it could be a handful of nuts. ½ apple with nut butter, some yogurt with a bit of granola, a few crackers with some cheese slices. You’ll notice a big difference in your sleep here!!

9-9:30pm | Get into bed

My best encouragement is to transition to your bed sooner than later! This signals your brain sleep is approaching and will really help you wind down, even if you do something relaxing in your bed for 30 minutes-1 hour before sleeping. 

At this point, I have quite a few mini rituals I do!

  • Magnesium lotion: really helps you sleep and magnesium is very effective when absorbed through the skin
  • Seeking Health Magnesium: Sometimes I double up or take magnesium orally. I love anything from Seeking Health
  • Palo Santo: this is soooo calming and I love both the mist (sprayed on pillows) and the aromatherapy oil (I put that on my wrists). 
  • CBD Oil: this is a must for me and has totally changed sleep for me—my full experience HERE. I use the Daily Drops and also a Daily Softgels if I’ve had nighttime wakings. ‘flourish’ for 15% off your first order!

9:30-10pm | Light’s OUT!

I ALWAYS use a silk sleep mask and ear plugs —seriously a non negotiable for the best sleep ever. If you only choose one, choose the sleep mask, it makes the biggest difference in the world. The darkness and slight pressure on your eyes puts you to sleep quickly!!

What are your favorite sleep rituals for the best sleep?!


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