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Bedtime, natural remedies for better sleep.

You know there’s really nothing better than A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. Sleep is necessary for mood, a strong immune system, efficient brain functioning, hormone balance and overall joy. Sleep acts as our ‘reset button’ and there is nothing (not even a pot of coffee) that can truly replace it. 

Often due to modern stress and nutritional imbalances, you experience changes in your sleep patterns or difficulty sleeping. 

Natural sleep aids, herbs and remedies can play a powerful role in helping you get better sleep!

Approaching sleep holistically first

With a holistic approach and natural remedies we always like to get to the root cause of our insomnia!

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself first before reaching for a natural sleep remedy:

  • Are you anxious or stressed? Is your mind racing?
  • Are you eating enough food and getting enough physical exercise throughout the day?
  • Are you drinking enough water throughout the day (not just at dinnertime)?
  • Is your sleep environment too hot?
  • Is your blood sugar dropping in the middle of the night without you realizing it? Solution below! 
  • Do you have a nighttime wind-down routine

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Natural remedies for better sleep

Best Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

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sunshine + fresh air during the day // Fresh air helps calm stress hormones and sunshine brings balance to your cortisol (I’m awake hormone) and melatonin (I’m sleepy hormone). When people are exposed to sunlight or very bright artificial light in the morning, their nocturnal melatonin production occurs sooner, and they enter into sleep more easily at night (source).

bed time snack // Eating a small, nutrient dense snack about 30-45 minutes before bedtime is a great insomnia remedy. This keeps your blood sugar stable throughout the night which can promote a deeper sleep and decrease middle of the night wakings. You want this to be high in proteins and fats, with a bit of nourishing carbohydrates if you need a bit more. Examples: a few crackers and cheese slices, 1/2 apple or banana with nut butter, yogurt, cashews.

Equlibiria CBD Oil Daily Drops // This is our tip top sleep remedy because it WORKS! CBD helps restore balance to the endocanabinoid system (which stress greatly disrupts) so that you won’t just sleep better tonight, but your body will start to heal and balance—the ultimate holistic approach! One of the best parts of CBD as a natural sleep remedy is you will wake up refreshed rather than drowsy as with some sleep aids. Take 1 dropprerful about 15-30 minutes before bed. Hold under your tongue for 1 minute and eat after your bed time snack (fat actually helps CBD oil absorb better) for best results.

Best for: falling asleep with ease, insomnia, racing mind at night

Equilibria CBD Daily Gels // These soft gels are slow release with long lasting effects, so they will continue to work for about 8 hours after consumption. This is great for all day balance or if you are having difficulty staying asleep at night. When used in combo with the daily drops, you will sleep great and wake up refreshed. 

Best for: staying asleep, calming, day or nighttime anxiety

Equilibria CBD Rapid Calming Melts // A LIFESAVER when you need them!!

Best for: falling asleep quickly, anxiety at night, racing mind

Notes about CBD oil:

  • CBD works best when taken consistently (like with anything in life, right?). 
  • The Calm Bundle (contains our top 3 CBD sleep remedies)
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Magnesium Glycinate // This anti-stress mineral is also a holistic approach to remedies for better sleep as it will work to restore overall balance. Magnesium is used up more rapidly during periods of stress and helps the body relax, promoting deeper and more restorative sleep. You can also use magnesium lotion or take a magnesium bath before bed.

Best for: restoring overall balance + decreasing the negative effects of stress

Ashwaghanda // This adaptogen seeks to restore balance and when taken consistently can greatly restore better sleep. I love using this one for adrenal fatigue (when your body is more chronically exhausted) as often this state can cause an imbalance in melatonin production making you tired during the day and wired at night. Ashwaghanda meets you where you are and helps your body adapt.

Best for: deep, restorative sleep, restoring overall balance, combating the effects of adrenal fatigue 

Coffea Cruda // This is a homeopathic remedy that works to calm racing thoughts, an overactive nervous system and wakings due to even the slightest noise. Often a person that needs Coffea Cruda will sleep till about 3am and the only doze from that point on. I keep this by my bedside for any middle of the night wakings.

Best for: difficulty falling asleep due to a racing mind, middle of the night wakings

Bach Rescue Sleep Melts // These flower essences are prepared in the homeopathic dilution method and a very gentle way to restore balance. These really helped me with pregnancy insomnia and are great to keep bedside if you need to take in the middle of the night. These are effective sleep remedies without making you drowsy.

Best for: racing mind, balancing emotions, decreasing fear or stress, falling asleep

Bach Rescue Sleep Spray // This is the spray form and works very quickly. Non habit forming and safe for the whole family. You only need 1 or 2 sprays. 

Best for: falling asleep quickly, racing mind, balancing emotions, decreasing fear or stress

White Angelica essential oil // This luxurious smelling essential oil blend promotes feelings of calming and security. I’ve found it to really help promote a deep sleep and love diffusing it in my little one’s rooms too. Lavender and vetiver also work great. 

Best for: promoting a calm sleep environment + wind down ritual

calming herbal teas // Herbs for insomnia such as chamomile, valerian, passionflower and oat flower help calm the nervous system and encourages the brain to relax. Drink a small cup about 1-2 hours before bed, so you don’t have to go to the bathroom in the night. Our favorites are the nighttime or chamomile tea from Pukka Herbs or Sakara’s Sleep Tea (this one really works!).

Best for: winding down in the evening

silk sleep mask // With the invention of modern electricity available all day long, we no longer “go to sleep with the sun.” Light, even the smallest amount, disrupts melatonin production and can cause insomnia or difficulty falling asleep quickly. I find that the gentle pressure of the sleep mask and softness against your eyes really helps you fall asleep too!

Best for: middle of the night wakings

Natural sleep remedies can be wonderful for aiding your wellness journey or helping you through a particular season but keep in mind there is no substitute for real food and reducing stress.

*Disclaimer: Flourish and Caroline Potter (FNTP) does not offer professional medical advice, treat or cure. Please always consult with your medical professional first before trying any new supplements or natural remedies.

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