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Feb 22

Gluten-free and grain-free chorizo breakfast tacos topped with a creamy, slightly spicy chipotle Hollandaise sauce to satisfy your taco shop cravings made simply in the comforts of your own home. It’s no lie that breakfast foods are the way to my heart, but Mexican breakfast foods on the slightly spicer side are forever the way to […]

Dec 11

Ok, so real life story, I have always had this random fear of tomatillos.  Not their actual taste, which I L-O-V-E, but I was so confuse on what you actually do with them.  Like they have this weird shriveled up outer skin on them.  Thoughts that ran through my head, “what do I do with […]

Nov 22

Ok, I am currently in Virginia and the temperature just dropped, and I seriously can’t get warm.  Like millions of layers, vests and wool socks and pom pom hats and fuzzy mittens, but still can’t get warm.  But I secretly love the cold weather and changing of seasons, so I am happy, happy, happy…and cold! You […]

May 31

Growing up in southern California meant realizing the fact that burritos from a hole in the wall taco shop pretty much solved any life problem!  Well, I currently am in San Diego for the week and seeing breakfast burritos on every menu has me majorly craving them!  I am totally the girl that thinks eggs, […]

Apr 13

So you all know how much I love breakfast foods, and pizza and comfort foods and pretty much any foods topped with a fried egg.  Well, this grain-free, gluten-free and actually low-carb pizza combines all that into one magical skillet of amazingly, fabulous flavors.  And yes, I just used a million adjectives to describe that […]

Feb 9

Can we talk about breakfast in bed for a moment? This is like the most romantically upheld thing, but to me its just awkward.  Like I am a huge bed snuggler person and if it wasn’t for my alarm clock, I would just want to snuggle under the duvet.  But eat breakfast in bed just […]

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