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I can’t really even begin to describe my obsession with these little chorizo deviled eggs, or just a bite of happiness as I like to say! First, I am obsessed with eggs and topping everything with an egg, and second I am obsessed with chorizo, so this combination is pure magic! I guess as the […]

Do you ever just have one of those days when everything in your house is bothering you, meaning the random little piles of paper and clutter just drive you crazy! We are pretty organized people, my husband especially, but I never realized how much random stuff I didn’t need till I cleaned out every square […]

Happy launch day to my little cookbook, All American Paleo Table!!! After a long year of work, I can finally celebrate knowing that today books will start arriving on your doorsteps and in bookstores—and that just makes me the happiest!  Seriously this week has been filled with so many random dance parties and happy tears […]

Ah, my cookbook comes out in ONE week from today!!! I know by now you all are probably like please stop talking about this cookbook, but really I am just so excited and proud, so yes, I will just be over here shouting from the rooftops!  Be sure to check out my cookbook tour information […]

You guys…my cookbook ARRIVED!!!!!!  Insert me doing a happy dance and my golden retriever wondering why there are so many large boxes in my living room.  Yes, I cried…for like an hour and then slept with it on my nightstand!  Oh my goodness, seriously it is way too beautiful and I honestly wish I could […]

Why are the little packages always the most expensive?! True life story—I rarely splurge on myself, in fact my husband mostly has to do it for me because I really need to learn to treat myself more often.  So yes, when the nails are painted and there is a new outfit in the closet, I […]

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