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Fresh Basil Pesto by Colorful Eats

Jul 18

I make fresh basil pesto so often, I never even use a recipe!  A friend was asking how I made it, so I finally wrote down my basic measurements for you all.  Personally, I like to make pesto without a recipe and adjust according to my taste. Here is the deal—everyone’s taste buds and consistency […]

Fire Roasted Habanero and Garlic Salsa by Colorful Eats

Jun 20

Simply toss on the grill quickly make this fire roasted habanero and garlic salsa and keep a batch on hand to season your food all summer long. This past weekend was the most relaxing—my husband and I have both been working about 18+ hours a day, but we do what we love so hey! After […]

Dec 11

Ok, so real life story, I have always had this random fear of tomatillos.  Not their actual taste, which I L-O-V-E, but I was so confuse on what you actually do with them.  Like they have this weird shriveled up outer skin on them.  Thoughts that ran through my head, “what do I do with […]

Aug 15

Toppings just make the meal right?! Often toppings and condiments are full of sugar, so out of the question for me! Pickled veggies and onions have always been one of my favorite condiments, but sadly they are most often pickled with a lot of sugar.  These pickled onions are absolutely delicious and completely gluten-free and […]

May 11

You want to know what is totally not awesome? Being hit with the flu…like BAMM out of no where…knocked out for days type of flu! Ugh…thankfully I am on the mend! Do you want to know what does make the flu awesome (besides crying hoping the pain goes away)? Puppy snuggles, Friends re-runs (thank goodness […]

Jan 28

If you all should know anything about me its that I absolutely love pesto and well anything with garlic and basil.  Yes, I know I know it’s like taboo to eat garlic in front of people. Random fact time with Caroline (can that be a weekly thing I start?!), did you know that Princess Diana […]

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