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Pregnancy is such a beautiful yet challenging process (at least for me)! The reward is life changing and SUCH a miracle but every day feels like climbing a mountain. Your body is constantly changing and the whirlwind of emotions can be heightened.  I truly believe that self care isn’t really “self” care—but it impacts every […]

Recovering from adrenal fatigue is not a “take this, do this” formula—it requires putting MANY puzzle pieces together and being diligent to consistently do the work! If you need a refresher on the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue click on over here > Often we don’t see the effects of stress immediately or they […]

If there is ever a time to be concerned about what products you are using on your body and in your home it’s during pregnancy!! Skincare is not something that is often talked about during prenatal appointments but it is so important to do your research and make the best informed decision for YOU! You […]

Cultivating rituals and drawing boundaries can actually help you have a stress-less holiday season and enjoy these moments all the more! I truly love Christmas + the holidays and to be honest, it’s never been all that stressful for me! Maybe because we have lived overseas our entire marriage until this year or maybe because […]

Is it just me or is someone telling you, “Your house smells amazing!” the best compliment ever? Bronze Frame | Mirror | Vase | Match Holder | Dried Florals There is nothing more cozy to me than lighting a candle…and in my opinion diffusing essential oils is just not the same! My sweet 2 year […]

I always get SO many questions about Remington’s clothing! I have to say, it has become such a fun process for me to intentionally curate her closet—she’s for sure better dressed than me! Let’s just say I take so much joy in thoughtfully sourcing her clothes….and a whole lot of time as I carefully think […]

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