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I often talk about Hawaii on Instagram, well that is because I live here, and yes the water really is just that beautiful!  Truth be told, I am not a big fan of Asian food, just never really have been.  But I love poke and seared ahi and Thai food—fact, I make my husband drive […]

Sometimes you just need a one pan, practically no clean up, comfort food dinner! This is that, especially if you drizzle some truffle oil on top! Plus the leftovers are great topped with a fried egg, just saying! One of my all time favorite cooking fats is duck fat—the texture that it creates, especially with […]

You all, food blogging isn’t as glamorous as my Instagram may seem.  I mean I don’t just sit around and take pretty photos all day, but I seriously wish I did (insert, someone famous please hire me to take pretty food photos!).  Most often, there is some form of butter or grease everywhere, stains on my […]

This dish just makes me happy.  Maybe because it reminds me of the chicken, rice and green beans that my mom used to make growing up.  Maybe because it’s super simple or super colorful.  Maybe because it’s comforting and full of flavor.  Whatever the case, these grain-free, flavor packed Greek chicken and cauliflower rice bowls […]

So, I am currently in California for a fun girls week of babies and all things pink, and of course exploring cute coffee shops and succulent walls.  Every time I come to California, I take a million pictures of all the adorable succulents that are everywhere, because they just make me happy! But let’s take about […]

If you all should know anything about me its that I absolutely love pesto and well anything with garlic and basil.  Yes, I know I know it’s like taboo to eat garlic in front of people. Random fact time with Caroline (can that be a weekly thing I start?!), did you know that Princess Diana […]

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