Celebrating One Year of Motherhood + 10 Natural Mama Favorites



What’s surprised me the most about motherhood is truly how much it has changed me! 

As much as sweet Remington has grown and developed, I have grown and developed even more. It’s been a beautiful transformation—my heart has softened, my priorities have strengthened, my trust in God’s plan has deepened and the joy I experience in the simple daily tasks has increased.

I will be honest and say that part of me didn’t know if I ever wanted to be a mom—I’m an introvert, love my alone time, I was content with current life with my husband. I also was straight up worried how children would change my work and business—I’ve worked hard to create a business, and wake up every day excited to get to work, and as a solo entrepreneur, if I don’t do the work, it doesn’t happen.  Funny part is, my business has grown substantially more this year, all while I have been doing less. 

Motherhood has made me more focused, more driven, more inspired to make this world a better place for my sweet daughter and others, more intentional with my time and more empathetic.  I’ve learned to give others and myself more grace than ever before.

I’ve learned to find joy in the mundane little tasks and be thankful for them—diaper changes give me a few moments of pause to stare at here sweet little face, middle of the night newborn nursing sessions gave me a chance to intimately connect with my daughter in the 2am quiet, carting all the necessary baby essentials around gave me a chance to de-clutter and intentionally minimize our life.

I have intentionally chosen to approach motherhood with positivity and a whole lot of grace—now, that does not mean I get frustrated or upset or cry or wish I could just have alone time—but it does keep me focused on the positives and approaching our time together with joy!  When I am frustrated or just plain exhausted, I take a deep breathe and focus on one little positive outcome—what is God teaching me, how am I learning how to be a better mom, what am I learning about Remington’s specific needs in this moment?

Do I do this perfectly all the time? Um NO…just ask my husband! 😉

Motherhood has also taught me to just let the tough stuff be tough—I don’t have to solve every situation right in this moment and I don’t have to be joyful every second of the day! Navigating postpartum depression really taught me to realize this is a season and its a hard season, and that is ok!  One rough days, I claim that…I admit that today is rough, today is exhausting, today I am having a hard time staying positive. I’m ok with having rough days, because I know tomorrow is a fresh start, a chance to start over and start anew. God’s mercies truly are new each morning.

I’ve experienced a love that I never knew was possible. That love ignites me, it gives me strength when I am too tired to even talk, it fuels me when I want to curl up in bed with chocolate and a movie but my sweet daughter needs me instead. 

Yes, motherhood is messy and exhausting, and society preaches a lot of negative messages about motherhood that really break my heart. But, I was specifically chosen to be Remington’s mother—to nurture her, to cherish her, to love her—and that is a gift and responsibility I don’t take lightly.

So I choose not to focus on the hard parts, the negative parts, and instead I focus on the gift I have been given to love.

Today, I’m celebrating! One year of motherhood…one year of exhaustion and bliss…one year of intense love and learning…and praying for a million more!

10 Natural Mama Favorites

It’s hard to narrow this list down to just 10 favorites, but you all always ask…so here are my top natural mom and baby products!

  1. Parasol Diapers: These velvet diapers are a natural mama’s best friend! Seriously, I swear they are “blow out free” and are SO soft. Parasol’s diapers keep your sweet little love safe using all natural ingredients—free of chemicals, chlorine and heavy metals as well as made in responsibly managed forests! Their subscription service (SO easy) is a game changer, so you never run out.
  2. Gathre Changing Mat: This wipeable changing mat is a lifesaver for traveling or on the go days, but we also have one in her bedroom because it keeps clean up super simple. It’s made with non-toxic materials and comes in a plethora of pretty colors—get the Micro+ size, you’ll thank me!
  3. Primally Pure Baby Balm: We use this daily and it’s not only made with all natural ingredients but also applies SO creamy! If your little one has struggled with eczema or other baby skin issues, this is very effective! We apply daily on the cheeks and bum.
  4. Wildbird Sling: They use all natural fibers to make their ring slings, which keep baby close and secure! It takes a while to figure out how to use, but it’s magic once you do!
  5. Nuna (flame retardant free) Convertible Car Seat: We transitioned Remington to this car seat at 11 months and it is amazing! We LOVED our Uppa Baby Infant Seat (also the only infant seat that is flame retardant free). The Nuna is so sturdy, elegantly designed and feels so safe! It is absolutely worth the investment!
  6. Beautycounter Diaper Rash Cream: Another must have, I am constantly amazed by the quick transformation and noticeable difference this diaper rash cream makes. It uses safe ingredients like non-nano zinc to create a protective barrier on baby’s sweet skin. It is very effective and I find the best results when we use once a day!
  7. Quincy Mae Organic Cotton Clothing: The softest, most cuddle-able baby and toddler clothes on the market! I say they fit pretty true to size and the quality is amazing!
  8. Raduga Grez Rainbow Stacker: This may seem silly to be one of my top favorites, but Remington LOVES this toy…and I’ll be honest and say typically she likes making toys out of non-toy finds, but this rainbow stacker keeps her entertained for along time! They use water based stains and natural construction to great a safe, beautiful toy for your little!
  9. Hello Charlie Diffuser Lovey: This sweet lovey is Remington’s favorite and mine too because it truly promotes deep sleep. It is a small lovey style blanket, super soft too, that has a wool patch in the corner to add a drop of essential oils. I got it for travel and we all quickly fell in love with it. She sleeps with it every night and I honestly have noticed a difference in her sleep!!
  10. Uppababy Minu Stroller: We LOVE our Uppababy Vista stroller for everyday use (seriously, it is so sturdy and makes our frequent daily walks that much more enjoyable), but recently purchased the Minu for travel.  As we travel a lot having a stroller that is easy to use, super lightweight but will also be durable was super important. The Minu has made traveling so easy, even by myself, and enjoyable!! I love the back little pocket for keeping me organized!

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