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The old saying goes, “when life gives you lemons…”  Well, I am pretty sure I would make that mine by saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemon curd cake and dance towards the weekend!”  Or at least that is how I feel today…and now I really do want some cake (grain-free of course)!

This was such an exciting week for me, launching my WEBINAR and so happy to be back home in my cozy Hawaii house! Plus, eagerly anticipate my husband coming back home soon (fingers crossed)!

The past few months I feel like life has given me a lot of lemons, and choosing joy and making the best of situations totally isn’t always easy, but this lemon shirt totally put a smile on my face and helped make that reminder a little bit easier for me!

I have totally been loving print tees this season! They are so much fun and can quickly make a simple outfit colorful and summery.  I usually am a t-shirt and jeans girl, but it is so hot here in Hawaii, I am thankful I found a few pairs of shorts for this season.  I love these denim shorts as well as these high-wasted shorts.  Its so hard to find shorts that don’t hug your thighs and make you feel all awkward and such, ug I don’t like that feeling! So I totally love how comfy these shorts are!

I also have been pairing this shirt (HERE) with these denim jeans (HERE) for cooler nights and this lovely lace white skirt (on sale!) for something a bit fancier! Its the perfect outfit to wear to lunch!

Do you have weekend plans? I am about to head for a mid-morning swim in the ocean!

Cheers friends!

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