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It’s safe to say my views and practices surrounding health living have matured with time, and I think this evolution has been a beautiful journey!  For the past year, I have been mulling around how to define or put into exact words my true heart, passion and beliefs when it comes to healthy living. 

Are you ready for a fresh approach to defining this healthy lifestyle?

Conscious living.

Conscious living empowers you to make intentional choices with how you live your life: the mindset you practice daily, foods you eat and products you allow into your home.  Conscious living pursues consistency rather than perfection and honors grace rather than hustle.  It is a commitment to focusing on what matters most and believing that you can be your best self when you pour from a full cup.

Conscious living takes healthy living to a whole new level!

A conscious woman isdedicated to making the best possible choice given her circumstances and consistently educating and empowering herself.

A conscious woman is…one who believes that she is worthy of investing in herself.

A conscious woman is…one who honors her body consistently knowing that it will impact her future and her loved ones.

A conscious woman is…aware that both her successes and failures write her unique story.

A conscious woman realizes she does not have to do all the things to be content or successful, but rather she embraces saying ‘No’ and moments of imperfection!

Here at Flourish we cultivate conscious living with three main pillars:

  1. Mindset: your diligence, practices, thoughts and the way you value yourself and others
  2. Nutrition: the manner you approach food, eating and the table
  3. Clean Living: the items you use on your body and in your home

We have put together “The Conscious Living Blueprint” to help inspire you towards cultivating conscious living! This blueprint lays a foundation, meets you where you are in this journey and encourages you to grow.

Get your blueprint and start flourishing today!

This has been in the works for almost 2 years, and truthfully I don’t think if I had been so sick when I was pregnant, this would have ever come to fruition.  That time, although it was miserable, let me slow down and gave me margin and perspective.  

I hope this blueprint encourages you in your journey! I am just thrilled you are here!

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