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How to Create a Non-Toxic Baby Room








Sharing practical tips for creating an organic and non toxic baby room for your precious new little one.

How to Create a Non-Toxic Baby Room | Flourish Blog

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Over the past 3 years, I have seen very visible results in my health as I slowly transitioned to a more “non-toxic” environment— swapping my beauty and skincare routine, choosing organic cotton and non-toxic cleaning products and also working to eliminate stress and negativity when possible (because that’s toxic too)!

About a year before becoming pregnant with Remington, I really started to take a look at the items around our house, especially my cleaning products, thank you Branch Basics for making the most amazing cleaning line!  I saw a huge change in my hormones and energy when doing this and noticed when I was pregnant that even the slightest fragrances, soaps, bleach or cleaning products when out in public would make me instantly sick.

When creating Remington’s nursery it was super important to my husband and I to create a clean, safe and peaceful environment for her!  I shared this pretty detailed post of her Organic Baby Registry.

How to Create a Non-Toxic Baby Room | Flourish BlogBabies and children’s bodies rapidly grow and develop in the early years making their bodies and brains that much more affected by toxins.  Toxins that we find today in building materials, paint, sheets, mattresses, toys and cleaning products are known to impair development and reproduction, as well as affect breathing and allergies.

In today’s modern times, we are seeing alarming rates of birth defects, developmental delays, autism, diabetes, obesity, and more in children. Choosing to control what toxins your child comes into contact with daily can make a huge difference.  I truly think that working to remove toxins is one of the best forms of preventative health—and no it’s not a guarantee, but why not do everything in your power to help?!

The choices you make today matter for tomorrow, so choose intentionally what products you allow to enter through your door! Your sweet baby’s health and future matter.
How to Create a Non-Toxic Baby Room | Flourish BlogHow to Create a Non-Toxic Baby Room | Flourish BlogHow to Create a Non-Toxic Baby Room | Flourish Blog

How to Create a Non-Toxic Baby Room

Go Vintage

Old furniture pieces are generally made with real wood and far less chemicals, plus they add some charm to your baby’s room!  We actually used my dresser from when I was a baby as Remington’s dresser and changing table—not only is it a special piece, but very sturdy too!

Choose a safer Zero-VOC Paint

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) “include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short and long-term adverse health effects.”  Finding VOC free paint may not be practical for everyone, but do get your baby’s room and furniture painted and ready long before the baby arrives to allow the fumes to diminish.

We painted Remington’s dresser about 10 weeks before her arrival and kept all the windows open and a fan running to make sure as many fumes and toxins had been released!

Incorporate Plants

Indoor air quality is often far more toxic and stagnant than outdoor air, which is especially concerning today because people and children are spending less and less time outdoors.  Plants can not only brighten a room but also act as nature’s built-in air purifier.  In fact, in 1989 NASA conducted the Clean Air Study that studied plants as a way to cleanse air by filtering toxins and pollutants.  Spider plants, succulents, ferns, aloe vera and bamboo are some of the best cleansing plants.

How to Create a Non-Toxic Baby Room | Flourish BlogChoose Organic Cotton and an Organic Mattress 

Cotton is sadly the world’s dirtiest crop and responsible for a large percentage of all pesticides used. Carefully choosing what ingredients and products your child comes into contact with while they sleep will greatly influence their growth, development, energy, and personality!

A newborn baby sleeps approximately 15-16 hours a day, and a 6-month-old sleeps approximately 14 hours a day.  Thus, a baby or child spends a lot of time on their mattress! During a child’s first years, a mattress is the most prominent object in their life, besides YOU.

I highly recommend Naturepedic’s organic mattress and you can read more about my experience HERE.  I also LOVE Coyuchi’s crib sheets, blankets and burp cloths…so soft! For sleeping, choosing organic cotton pajamas is important as that is what a baby spends about half the day wearing—Baby Mori is my absolute favorite and SO soft. 

Select a Natural Fiber Rug

As your baby grows, play time will become more and more frequent and chances are they will be playing and having tummy time on a rug.  We chose THIS rug for Remington’s room as it is machine washable, 100% natural cotton and made with non-toxic dyes.

How to Create a Non-Toxic Baby Room | Flourish BlogConsider the Rest of Your House & YOU

Chances are you aren’t spending all day in your baby’s room, especially during those early months when he or she might be sleeping in a bassinet by your bed side.  The products you use to clean your house should be of top importance—not only because these fumes affect you and your baby’s breathing but also because the cleaning solutions settle and remain in your house.  This is why Branch Basics is my favorite and completely natural and human safe!

And chances are, YOU are the primary person your baby is coming into contact with all day long, so the products you use on your skin and the laundry soap you choose to wash your clothes will greatly affect your baby!  At a minimum, eliminating fragrances from your skincare and makeup routine is a must!

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