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I am naturally not the most organized person, but since marrying my sweet and very organized husband, I’ve become very particular that everything needs to be tidy and in it’s place! I literally can’t go to bed anymore or relax until I’ve done my nightly 15 minute power clean up.

Learning to navigate two auto-immune diseases that are exacerbated by stress, I have also learned that clutter is one of the biggest forms of stress and anxiety for me! In fact, in a study done by UCLA they found clutter increased not only stress but also anxiety—I’ve certainly found that to be true in my own life. 

A cluttered space = a cluttered mind

It’s been so much fun to decorate our first home these past few months and I’ve found myself searching for baskets to help keep things organized, plus they cozy up a space!

Thankfully there are many baskets on the market that are artisan and fair trade made and crafted with natural, eco-friendly materials!

Here are a few of my favorite companies!

  • Cardenas + Kinn: I fell in love with this small shop and the woman that owns it is so sweet and helpful. I love being able to support her small business!
  • The Little Market: This non profit supports artisans, education and fair practices. Their options are constantly rotating due to artisan supply so check back often.
  • West Elm: They have a great selection of fair trade and natural basket options. Look for the icon next to the product!
  • Ollie and Ella: Love their sweet children’s collection.
  • Connected Goods: You will instantly fall in love with this shop! Most of their items are artisan and handmade too.

Here are my favorite, natural and eco-friendly baskets we have in our home…


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Woven Collapsible Belly Basket: These are great because they can collapse if you need to store it or take it somewhere. And they hold a lot of things like blankets and even plants!

Solid Sisal Basket: These come in various sizes and are a great option to mix and match to keep your pantry, closet or bathroom organized!

Natural Woven Floor Basket: This one is great for larger items like blankets, laundry or bigger toys! Fair trade and artisan made in Africa too.

Handwoven Seagrass Everything Basket: These are great on shelves or for a laundry room. The name really describes it—for everything! Seagrass is a sustainable and natural fiber!

Strolley Basket: Remington loves pushing her dolls and animals around in this but it doubles as a storage basket! We round up all her stuffed animals at the end of the day and keep them in here! 

Pehr Pom Pom Storage Bin: I love this brand and these bins come in all colors and sizes. We have several in Remington’s bedroom for her dolls and blankets as well as the playroom! They are made with natural cotton fibers and ethically made.

Natural Wool Basket: These are so soft and beautiful—perfect for a guest room, blankets or storage!

Wicker Picnic Basket: This is another fun kid’s basket for play and storage. I just love anything from the brand Ollie and Ella! 

Wood Handled Caddy: I have several of these throughout the house. They are great for small kids items like stickers and crayons as well as vitamins and first aid supplies.

Natural Grass Bolga Basket: My favorite natural grass basket, we have several of these around the house! These are fair trade and artisan made.


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