Episode 22: Making Babies — Preconception Nutrition with Kim Schuette



In today’s episode, we’re diving into a topic that we consider the “ultimate form of preventative health” — preconception nutrition!  This episode is one of my favorites so far. It’s serious, it’s deep, it’s encouraging and it has the potential to be life changing for those in this beautiful stage of life. 

No, this isn’t an episode on sex ed, rather on the powerful impact good nutrition plays on creating a human. In today’s episode, we interview Kim Schuette, a Clinical Nutritionist, certified GAPS practitioner, owner of Biodynamic Wellness and board member with the Weston A. Price Foundation. Kim shares a very beautiful and mindful take on making babies. From what foods to eat and what to avoid to optimize fertility (in both men and women) to the importance of supporting emotional health and creating immense love between both partners, Kim shares her incredible knowledge and encouragement for couples planning to conceive. 

What I love most about this episode is the change in perspective that Kim presents on preconception preparation. Her wisdom is a gift and we are beyond excited for you to listen in on this episode. 

We understand this topic can be a touchy subject for many women so we hope that today’s episode will bring some light around this subject and encourage your beautiful heart. 

If the thought of making a baby has got you running for the hills, can we ask you to share this episode with someone in your life who may benefit from the information? Maybe a couple who has been struggling to conceive, the newly weds in your life or even those just dating…it’s never too early to start nourishing your body for game day. 

We understand that oftentimes this topic needs a little extra support, so we want to remind you that as Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, this is one of our favorite areas to support in our practices and we’d love to support you on your preconception journey. Click here to check out our services and begin working with us today!

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  1. Kate Deering says:

    Loved this podcast episode! I have been preparing for pregnancy for the last couple of years and have just started a blog about my journey and what I have learnt, because there is nothing out there! Thank you for talking about such an important topic – so great to see people talking about it! Kate x

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