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Episode 37: Finding Beauty in Miscarriage with Amanda Koch

May 29, 2017

Colorful Eats Podcast Episode 37: Finding Beauty in Miscarriage with Amanda KochToday we are honored to welcome our sweet friend and fellow Nutritional Therapist, Amanda Koch of My Well Balanced Life to the podcast. She’s a passionate real food lover, military wife, mama and a woman with a story of great loss and incredibly beautiful gain.

Amanda shares her story of multiple miscarriages and how her faith and the knowledge she gained from holistic practitioners changed her health and her journey in an incredible way.  Amanda opens her heart to share her story, not to talk about herself but to help other women through a difficult time in their lives and talk about a subject that maybe isn’t talked about that much.  

We chat both the emotional and physical stress of miscarriage, how her husband encouraged her through every step of the way and how nutrition and non-toxic living has played a huge role in her journey and beautiful family!

So for some of you listening, this may be a difficult episode to listen to and for some this may not exactly pertain to you.  But, chances are, everyone listening has known someone who has gone through this struggle or will know someone in the future, so we hope this is encouraging to everyone.

You will love Amanda’s genuine and heart-felt approach to the topic of miscarriage, so grab the tissue box and get ready to be encouraged today!

Read Amanda’s complete story of miscarriage and her rainbow baby.

Highlight Reel

04:20 | Amanda’s story of life and 7 miscarriages

10:20 | What kept Amanda going and out of bed, despite the pain

17:24 | Why she finally opened up about the real struggles

30:10 | How her husband supported through this intense loss

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