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Healthy Summer Road Trip Essentials | Flourish Blog

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Healthy Summer Road Trip Essentials

Straw Market Bag: I always love taking my straw bag with me, because you can just add everything to it quickly and they are pretty resilient when traveling!  Plus straw bags are super durable for beach or pool days.

Safe sunscreen stick: This safe sun stick is formulated with non-nano zinc and California Poppy, rather than toxic ingredients like oxybenzone.  Moisturizing cocoa-butter infused formula glides on smoothly without leaving a white residue.  I love this stick option because it is great for kids (no sunscreen in the eyes please) and allows you to apply without getting your hands dirty!

Ray Ban Club Master: My husband gifted me these sunglasses two years ago and they are still my absolute favorite.  I actually think that when you invest in good sunglasses you are less likely to break or loose them, thus cutting down on purchases and waste.  These also actually fit my face, so thats a plus!

Branch Basics Travel Kit: This completely human and child safe cleaning solution actually works and I always have it on hand to get out stains on the road or to use the foaming wash for breast pump parts and baby items!

Allbirds Women’s Tree Runners: I love being comfy and these sneakers double as cute tennis shoes you could also work out in, thus you can pack less! Allbirds are made for the conscious woman as they are made with 100% recycled laces and responsibly grown plant materials.

Toasted Coconut Chips: I have been loving these lately and they are the perfect treat because toasted coconut is slightly sweet and crunchy! This is a great alternative to always eating a lot of nut based items!

Colorful Eats Podcast: Join me and Justine Campbell for our weekly podcast encouraging a balanced, positive approach to healthy living.  We aren’t afraid to touch on the difficult subjects, will always give you our honest opinion and have you approaching a healthy lifestyle with grace rather than perfection.

Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen Packs: These collagen packs are perfect for traveling and quite refreshing when mixed into chilled water.  Collagen helps enhance skin hydration and improve elasticity without any added sugars or additives!

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies: These soft baked chocolate chip cookies are made healthy with almond flour and coconut sugar and soft so they won’t get crumbs everywhere while you are on the road! Keeping healthy treat options on hand is one of my secrets to staying healthy!

Primally Pure’s Nature Spray: This all natural mosquito and bug repellent is free of DEET and other toxic chemicals—rather citronella, peppermint, cedar wood and geranium help repel mosquitos and other pesky bugs.

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