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Episode 86: 4 Tips for Healthier Summer Vacations

Jun 25, 2018

It is summertime and we are so excited because this season is one of our favorites (do we say that about every season!?) with the BBQs, beach and swim days and all that summer fare. It’s also a time where most people are traveling and travel can pose a real challenge for those wanting to eat and live healthy…even on vacation.

Over the years, we’ve both learned a lot about how to bring the healthy life along for the ride and we wanted to share our top tips to help make your summer vacay one that leaves you feeling healthy and refreshed (no more of that “I need a vacation after my vacation!” talk). Each tip will help you prepare for your trip, survive the car or plane ride like a champ and enjoy more moments with family and friends.

We hope you have the most beautiful summer–enjoy!


Highlight Reel:

08:12 | Do your travel research

14:15 | Solidify your snack game

19:25 How to get your mind right before vacay

25:15 | Why doing nothing aka relaxing is actually something very productive


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