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This holiday season is a beautiful opportunity to gift yourself or your friends the gift of energy, nourishment, and joy with our Holistic Wellness Gift Guide! Whether you are stocking your natural medicine cabinet or bringing something healthy and delicious to your children’s teacher, we hope you gift with intention this season!

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Holistic Wellness Gift Guide

Manuka Immune Elixir // Totally delicious and a powerful tool to give you a boost when you start to feel under the weather—it works! This little tincture packs a punch with medicinal-grade manuka honey, colloidal silver and a blend of nourishing herbs + adaptogens.

Pair with: Manuka Honey, Rapid Rescue

Mushroom Magic // Make this part of your daily routine to give a boost of balance, calm + focus. Add a dropper full to your morning cup of coffee with tastes of cinnamon and vanilla. This blend of medicinal mushrooms is a modern woman’s best friend to support balance, focus, calm, and health. It will help you navigate the demands of life with a bit more ease and energy.

CBD Nano Jellies // A natural solution to bring calm + balance to your day, release anxious thoughts, balance overwhelm and restore your body and mind with energy. The perfect gift to anyone on your list! Click here for $10 off >

Sauna Space Light // This infrared light sits on my desk and boosts mental clarity + energy and decreases inflammation. It’s a great option if having a full sauna is not practical for your space or pocket book. It helps the immune system and I’ve noticed such a calm sense of energy whenever I sit in front of it. FLOURISH5 for 5% off >

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread // You won’t be able to stop at just one spoonful! Delicious, creamy and all real food ingredients! Perfect for a stocking stuffer or a hostess gift!

Gua Sha Stone // Relax your stress away, this works wonders to release head, jaw and neck tension. Pair with a facial serum and some chocolate and you are done!

Pair with: Manuka Green Botanical Facial Serum, All Bright C Serum, Clarifying Serum

Molekule Air Filter // My parents gifted these to us last Christmas and I have noticed such a difference in our sleep, our kids sleep and our wellness through the winter months. I guess this is what gifts look like in your 30s!

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