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Here’s the best of the best—gifts with purpose and intention and ones that will bring health, calm and joy to you and yours. Happy gifting! *I will update on Monday with Cyber Monday details!* Need more inspiration? Get the FULL Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide  Black Friday Clean Living Sale Picks Equilibria: 20% off Enter code […]

Whether you are loving on your spouse, boyfriend, roommate or yourself (yes, treating yourself is important too), gifting with intention is truly an art! I am so excited to introduce to you today some of my favorite new brands and finds around the internet that truly celebrate conscious living. Enjoy this Valentine’s gift guide for […]

Ah I had SO much fun putting this gift guide together! I truly believe we have too much clutter today, and our children really have too much stuff and clutter. It is not only overwhelming but also can be stressful on one’s health.  With Remington I have been VERY intentional about all her purchases.  It […]

Yesterday, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas and my response was…I just want to be together and go on a trip as a family when you are home from deployment! Typically my response is experiences over gifts, but we did decide to each get something for each other because I LOVE opening […]

We decorated our house, made warm drinks with fresh whipped cream, lit a fire and cozied up next to the tree this weekend—it truly felt like Christmas! This past year, I have truly tried to make an effort to be more conscious with my purchases, gifts and the items I bring into my home—spending with […]

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