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I am not one to buy things just to buy them, and in a world that suggests more is best, we hope you are refreshed by our intentionally curated holiday gift guide.

This time of year does present a beautiful opportunity to gift wellness, balance and joy to your friends, helpers and loved ones. 

You’ll find a collection of colorful, sweet and delightful gifts that will keep on gifting energy, sleep and balance in the months to come.

Enjoy! xx Caroline

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Holistic Living Gifts

Meet the Source Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls | Too good to be true…and totally healthy! Would be such a fun surprise to receive in the mail. Add a few extra to your cart to save on shipping.

Prana Mat | I got this for my husband and find myself laying on it daily. It relieves migraines, congestion and every day aches and pains. I sleep so much better, and have frequently taken a power nap while laying on it too, without even realizing it!

All Natural Jasmine Perfume | This shell perfume is SO fun, beautifully scented without any harsh or overwhelming chemicals that give you a headache. Lift your spirits and infuse your daily rituals with this botanical perfume packaged in a beautiful seashell.

Antioxidant Balm | Your skin will look and feel refreshed overnight with this antioxidant rich cream that restores elasticity, repairs damaged skin and improves collagen levels.

Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set | We got these last year and they take restful, beauty sleep to a new level. Linen is very breathable and keep you cool while you sleep!

Sauna Space Infrared Desk Light | Bring sunshine and energy into your home with this unique, portable light. Infrared light penetrates deep into the cells activating them with energy and efficiency. You’ll notice a difference in energy, mood, pain relief, thyroid function and your immune response. 

AHA Resurfacing Mask | I adore this mask for a deep cleanse, it resurfaces your top layer of skin, clears out pores and leaves it so soft. A little goes a long way, you’ll have the jar forever.

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Daily Wellness Gifts

Manuka Immune Elixir | One and done, this elixir has everything you need in one bottle at a great price point. Medicinal grade Manuka honey has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties to keep you strong all year long. Pair with a chocolate for the ultimate hostess or teacher gift.

CBD Nano Jellies | The gift that gifts calm, balance, patience, sleep, pain relief and anxiety relief. Get the Balance and Restore Collection to buy one item and get one free. I recommend Full Spectrum Jellies for most people and Broad Spectrum if pregnant or breastfeeding, and the Lemon Lime Collagen is so energizing.

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter | Chocolate is a daily must have, right?! So delicious and creamy no one will know it’s healthy! The perfect hostess gift. 

Magic Magnesium | Tart, refreshing and blue—a fun way to get your minerals.

Rescue Stress Pastilles | Gift a calming moment with these fun “candies” that soothe physical and emotional stress.

Breath as Prayer | This devotional has been a beautiful and impactful addition to my morning routine. It is encouraging, hopeful and helps start your day with truth to calm any anxious thoughts. Maybe the best Holiday Gift possible!

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Cozy Vibes Gifts

Plaid Cozy Sherpa Jacket | I want to hug this coat, sustainable materials too!

Cheer Candle | A sweet minty delight—all natural ingredients that liven up your space. Cozy candle vibes without the headache.

Beeswax Spiral Tapers | A fun and unique shape, lighting a candle brings a calming moment whether it’s the dinner time rush or the stillness of the morning. These beautiful candles release a sweet honey smell but also help clean your air of odors, dust, toxins, pollens, and other allergens.

Wool House Slippers | These are so cozy and stand up well over time, you’d think they make your feet hot, but they don’t. The perfect gift for anyone!

Emile Cardigan | Even prettier + cozier in person, everything from this brand feels like you just took a trip to France, timeless, feminine and adds elegance to your every day. So soft and cozy and pairs with everything. Fits a bit on the roomy side. 

Washable Silk Wide Leg PJs | The dreamiest night of sleep awaits. Elevated sleep and lounge wear you can toss in your laundry.

Sleep Better CBN Infused Jellies | Infused with CBN, CBD’s calming counterpart, ashwagandha, passionflower and lemon balm—your dreamiest night of sleep awaits. Click here for $10 off.

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Restorative Motherhood Gifts

Postpartum Restorative Tonic | Restore nutrients and energy to set yourself up for success in years to come. This is so delicious and so easy to take a shot daily – the perfect holiday gift!

Green Compass CBD Balance + Restore Bundle | This is a buy one get one free bundle you can customize or break into two gifts. I recommend broad spectrum for pregnancy + breastfeeding and full spectrum for everyone else. Choose your jelly of choice for your daily baseline of balance and then add in one free product, I recommend the Lemon Lime Collagen for energy, hydration and hair growth.

Bath Fizzies | A spa like moment of relaxation, colored naturally with clays and infused with cocoa butter to nourish your skin while you soak. Press the reset button on your day with this holiday gift.

Dry Shampoo | Get all the volume and take away greasy roots, your hair will look like new again with only a few seconds of work!

Reduce Topical CBD Pain Cream | A great fine at this Holiday Gift Guide! Amazing for an achy pregnant back, out of wack shoulders after nursing the baby, to relieve cramps or tension headaches. This blend of menthol and hemp flower extract quickly soothes any aches. Click here for $10 off.

Mane + Nails | Grow your hair like a weed! A mama must have.

Washable Silk Eye Mask | Block out light and distractions so you can get a quick power nap or a deep night of sleep. So soft and cool on your face.

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For Your Man Holiday Gifts

Reduce Topical CBD Pain Cream | Quickly release any tension and your man will love the smell. Keep in your gym bag or at your bedside table to soothe an achy back and promote deep sleep. Click here for $10 off.

Twill Knit Button Down | That modern athletic look but make it elevated!

Prana Mat | I originally got this for my husband, and although I use it often, he loves laying on the mat for a few minutes when he gets home from work or has any back tension. After we get the kids in bed, I often find him sitting on the couch on his mat. It’s so relaxing.

Theragun | I guess you’ll love this Holiday Gift! Massage in the comforts of your own home? This pays for itself with a few uses. Massage isn’t just about relieving aches and pains, but is a great way to boost lymphatic and blood flow which is foundational to health.

Dime No 01 Cologne | Clean ingredients that you and your man will love to smell.

All Birds Tree Runners | Our whole family loves these and my husband wears his daily. Feels like you are walking on a cloud. Breathable and keep your feet cool too.

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Littles Loves Holiday Gifts

Ten Little | The cutest sneakers that support proper foot and toe development. 

Manuka for Munchkins | Consider this your little’s daily vitamin. Manuka is high in antibacterial and antiviral properties which helps navigate common sicknesses with more ease. Enjoy a spoonful daily—they will look forward to this sweet superfood!

Micro Eco Scooter | Lightweight, easy to adjust and grow into and endless fun.

Nutcracker Music Box | For an older child but this would be such a fun gift to grow into and pass down for generations to come. 

Big City Block Set | The most played with item in our house for 5 years now. Beautifully and naturally died wooden blocks with endless building combinations.

Organic Cotton Wreath PJs | Our go to PJs for any time of year. So soft, organically made and stand up well to lots of use and pre bed time shenanigans.

Washable Leather Arc Playset | Endless hours of play and the colors are so soothing, you’ll love this playful addition.

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