An Intentional New Years—My Yes & No List

Intentional New Years—My Yes & No List



An Intentional New Years—My Yes & No ListI absolutely love a fresh start—I love the newness but also the perspective that comes with planning goals and dreaming big for this new season but also reflecting on lessons learned from the past.

This year I am choosing a theme for my year:


Intentional with my time, resources, money, plans, commitments, relationships and emotions.  

You see, being intentional isn’t about pressure filled, statistic-bound, “do all the things” goal setting…it is rather about bringing out the best of who you already are!!

It is about intentionally cultivating your life!

Becoming a mom to our sweet Remington Claire this past year has changed me—it has truly been the best experience of my life, but also difficult on me physically and emotionally.  My time and energy are limited now more than ever before.  Very often I have to make a choice, a choice between a good decision and the best decision or the decision I know is going to impact me positively in the future.

This is where intention comes into play.

The more intentional I have been with my choices, the more I feel I can flourish and thrive!

<< Want to be more intentional? I’ve got a challenge for YOU! >>

Very often I get the comment, “Caroline how do you ‘do it all’?”  Want to know my secret? I don’t!! I have learned that saying no is just as important as saying yes, and I often think about everything I say no to rather than what I say yes to.  This hasn’t been an easy perspective change, but over the past year it has been the best choice for me.

So this year, I want to encourage you to be intentional.  To learn to say NO as often (or more often) as you say YES.

How can you be more intentional with your food choices?  Your health? Your finances? Your relationships, emotions and activities? How can you set business goals with intention and purpose?

What do you need to say NO to so that you can say your best YES!

Ready to spice up your new year’s resolutions? Instead of making goals or “resolutions,” this year I am making a list of what I am saying NO to and what I am saying YES to.  So to inspire you, I thought I would share a few of mine!

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Intentional New Year: Yes & No ListMy No List

1 Saying NO to all social media Friday-Sunday afternoon.

2 Saying NO to falling into the trap of overwhelm and stress.

3 Saying NO to clutter around the house and in my email inbox (setting a goal to clean out both at the end of each day).

4 Saying NO to giving up my office hours and day off (Friday).

5 Saying NO to my phone past 9:15pm.

My Yes List

1 Saying YES to intentional one on one play time with Remington each day (without any distractions, phones or chores).

2 Saying YES to nightly baths (at least a few times per week).

3 Saying YES to eating fresh vegetables with 2 meals per day.

4 Saying YES to more impact in women’s lives—educating and inspiring women on topics that help them live their best selves.

5 Saying YES to intentional goal setting and holding myself to those goals with both grace and gumption.

6 Saying YES to one activity with a friend each week.

7 Saying YES to educating myself on a health or business topic each week for 1 hour.


Want to start your New Year with INTENTION? Join my brand new < Intentional Beginnings Challenge > to nourish your mind, body & heart this year!

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