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Living with intention—have you ever thought about what life would look like if we lived each day with intention?  If we woke up and set out to accomplish our goals, to bring something of value into the world and to love others more deeply?  Living with intention does not mean adding a million things to your calendar, but rather focusing on what truly matters to you.

It’s February 1st today and for me it actually feels like the start of the new year.  January was absolutely crazy for us as we were getting settled in a new country and moving into our house, unpacking boxes and trying to catch up on life as well as explore this beautiful new place we get to call home for a little while.  I was chatting with a few girl friends who felt the same, that January was a catch up month and all the goals and intentions we had for the new year got pushed aside.

So for a moment, just pretend with me that it is January, that you have a fresh start.  But here is the deal and what I want to encourage you all to do in your life.  January is just one month out of 12.  If we only pursued our goals—eating healthy, working out, organizing our homes—for one month out of the year, we would never really get anywhere.  So I want you to erase from your mind the concept of “new years resolutions” because here is the reality.

Each and every morning, you have the chance to have a “January moment” or a fresh start, so wake up and take that moment and start living with intention today!

Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about the food we eat, something I probably say way to much.  But, if you dive deeper, I believe, it is about being intentional with our resources, our time, the foods we choose to put into our mouths, the stress we allow to dictate our lives, and the emotions we push aside and say we will worry about tomorrow.  Being more intentional in all of these aspects will allow us to be healthy in our bodies, our minds and our hearts!

This past week, I spent some time—yes, cuddled up next to the fire and with a glass of wine—thinking about this past year, reflecting on some amazing accomplishments as well as some big moments of failure, which I prefer to look at as learning events instead of failures.  I also wrote down different ways I am going to live with more intention this year including my expectations.

To inspire you, I am sharing a few of my personal goals with you in my weekly newsletter as well as more practical ways you can implement intentionality in your daily life! You will be able to download these blank printable pages so you can cozy up and write down your intentions, reflections and expectations!

This year, I have decided to have monthly themes surrounding some of my blog posts here on Colorful Eats, so if you hadn’t already guessed, February’s theme is “live with intention.” I can’t wait to explore more topics with you all concerning, food and nutrition but also sharing some fun lifestyle topics like ethical brands and emotional well-being.

So, for anyone else who feels like their new year is just getting started, you are not alone! I would LOVE to hear some of your intentions, reflections and expectations for this new year as well as any ideas you would love me to cover on Colorful Eats this year! I am here to encourage YOU towards joyful, vibrant living, so please comment below with what you would like to hear from me!

Be sure you are on my weekly newsletter list going out tomorrow to get these FREE downloads for you to journal at your leisure!  I promise these are fun and I even included sections for favorite date night, drinks and a quote of the year!

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