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The Real Meaning of “Conscious Living”

May 2, 2018

The Real Meaning of “Conscious Living” | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTPAs I have gotten older, I have gravitated toward the phrase “conscious living” and away from healthy living.  Don’t get me wrong, healthy living is very important, but I believe that conscious living encompasses much more.

When it comes to healthy living, there is often a lot we cannot control.  We could be living as healthy as possible and still have hormone or infertility struggles or even get a cancer diagnosis.  We could turn something positive like healthy living into an obsession that negatively drives our every moment.  We could be doing everything “right” on the outside, but still God allows us to go through a difficulty, with a purpose that is not yet apparent.

Conscious living fills those gaps and embraces giving ourselves grace each day to make the best possible choice for ourselves and our future.

So why conscious living?

Conscious living means being fully aware and active of one’s existence, emotions, thoughts and surroundings.  It means to be deliberate and intentional.  Conscious living means living in the present, but also learning from the past and intentionally living to design the best possible future.

When we are intentional with our actions, our health—both our physical, emotional and spiritual health—will flourish.

The Real Meaning of “Conscious Living” | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTP

What Conscious Living Means to Me

My passion is to equip and empower women with processional guidance on conscious living—to support her as she becomes her best self: a joyful, inspired, positive and balance woman.

Conscious Living Means Staying Informed

Knowledge is power—staying informed gives you a bit of control over what products you use to clean your house, what makeup you use or what diapers you choose for your baby.  This modern world can be both a beautiful and scary place, but there is no need to be scared because knowledge enables you to take proactive charge of your health each day.  If you have information that can influence your life or your loved ones, do not hide behind that information, graciously and passionately share! YOU can be a difference maker.

Conscious Living Means Making the Best Possible Choice in a Given Moment

Remember, perfection is NOT the goal, striving to do the best to consciously decide what products enter your home, what food you eat, what emotions and stress you allow to dictate your life is the goal!

Conscious Living Means Balancing Gumption with Grace

Balancing grace with hustle isn’t just a catchy phrase you see on social media—it’s a commitment to focusing on what matters most and prioritizing what matters to YOU.

This may mean that one day or one season is full of hustle, growth and strategy and the next season is about slowing down the pace of life.  When you strive to live each day with both gumption and grace, you can achieve balance in your life!

Conscious Living Means Enjoying the Life I Have Been Given

Each day is worthy of living to the fullest—when you strive to be “perfectly healthy” you miss out on opportunities to enjoy life.  So pop the champagne bottle, eat the salad, go on the spontaneous road trip, sing outlaid and off-key, take your vitamins and love deeply.

Remember, your struggles are just as important as your successes, and both are worth of sharing and celebrating.  The tearful moments, the painful moments and the blissful moments will all come, but your story is yours and whatever you are going through is uniquely YOURS.

Both your struggles and your successes have the power to inspire others—your story is worth of sharing.

Conscious Living Means Casting Aside Guilt

As women we often wear many hats and are pulled in a million different directions—this is both a beauty and a curse, but can often leave us feeling guilty.  Ultimately guilt does not move us forward but rather puts our physical and emotional beings into a negative state.

People may criticizes you for your “conscious, healthy life choices” …mostly because they are jealous of your dedication, but dwelling on what others think about your life doesn’t help you one bit!  Learn to stand confident in your decisions, say NO and wait for the best opportunity to come your way and realize that no matter how hard you try, you will never please everyone, so simply stop trying!  Ultimately you are only responsible for your actions and your time is best spent dedicating to your family, loved ones, job and YOURSELF.

Wake up daily and graciously remind yourself to pursue self-confidence rather than guilt.


I’ll leave you with this to answer before you move onto whatever your day brings: What are you going to do today to live consciously?


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