The Natural Girl’s Guide to Growing Your Brows & Lashes



Did you know your skin and hair health starts from within? Get my natural solutions to nourish your brows and lashes and help them grow!

I’ll be totally honest and say that sometimes the beauty game is a struggle! It’s a struggle because I am confident in my flaws, but I am also all about enhancing your own natural beauty! 

Here’s the deal—what you see on the outside always starts from within, and when it comes to our hair, brow and lash health, that is most definitely a reflection of our nutrition, emotions and stress levels!!

Postpartum I have struggled with hair loss and due to a serious thyroid issue, my hair and eyebrows have suffered—all classic symptoms!  But I have also done many natural things to encourage hair growth!! My best advice is to be consistent with each of these suggestions, and truly be consistent because that is when you will see the best results. 

I can’t promise an overnight fix or a genie in a bottle solution, but I can say from personal (and client) experience that the small steps really do add up! It’s not about a perfect solution, it’s about many little solutions along the way!

Alright, here’s my tips:

Natural Girl’s Guide to Growing Your Brows & Lashes

Good quality vitamins

Okay, okay…before you skip this one hear me out. Nutrients are needed to support hair growth!  The body brilliantly prioritizes nutrients to go to important functions, and typically hair growth is las on that list.  Personally (again this is NOT medical advice), I believe that most  women in child bearing years can benefit from a high quality prenatal vitamin!  You don’t need to take the full amount if you aren’t pregnant (really, you don’t) but this gives you what your body needs during this life phase. Or you can take a good multi vitamin, that works great too!

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Sometimes I sound like a broken record, but seriously…collagen collagen collagen! And if you are experiencing hair loss, you can even increase the amount you take (I am not a doctor, just sharing what I have personally seen good results)!

So what is collagen? Collagen is a pure protein source that gives skin its elasticity and hair its strength.  It’s naturally found in your body tissues but declines with age (we start aging about 25, yes crazy) and due to stress, which we all have!!

Collagen is tasteless and dissolves in hot or cold liquids! I add a scoop to my morning coffee, also addicted to the vanilla flavor, and love Collagen Beauty Greens in my green drink!

Have you noticed a difference in your skin, hair, brows and nails with collagen? I sure have, but tell me what you’ve noticed in the comments!

Focus on adrenal support

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room and probably one of the main reasons for hair loss that no one is talking about—adrenal fatigue!!  So why hair loss and adrenal fatigue? Well, when they body is in a stressed state and about to collapse aka adrenal fatigue, it sends ALL its energy to heal and restore. So new hair stops growing and current hair gets thin, dull and falls out!

Think about it like this. Your hair is NOT essential to keeping you alive and functioning. So the body brilliantly prioritizes and the energy and nutrients go elsewhere!

Hair loss is a classic, and horrible (yes I personally know) symptom of adrenal fatigue!

To help support your adrenals, get my free guide: 10 Steps to Overcome Adrenal Fatigue Naturally.

Give your lashes a break

Let your skin & lashes breathe! This is so important! Air is one of the most healing “agents” there is.  Letting your skin breathe so that the “junk” can come to the surface rather than being covered up with makeup is so important. 

Even if you use safe skincare and makeup, letting your skin, lashes and brows be free at least once a week is key! I try not to wear eye makeup everyday, in fact most days, I don’t and that will encourage your lash and brow growth.

Brilliant Brow Gel

Let me introduce you to my favorite makeup item!! This brilliant brow gel—seriously I can’t live without it!! The brow gel frames your face and naturally defines and enhances your brows.  If you have limited brow hairs or are experiencing hair loss or just want more definition, this is for you!!  It uses safe ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil to nourish and condition your brows and plant based waxes to add structure and definition.

Castor Oil

This is my secret weapon and totally natural! Using castor oil as a “growth serum” will save you lots of money (seriously brow and lash serums are expensive!) and is a safe, all natural alternative!

I’m a big fan of castor oils packs to help with hormone and liver balance but castor oil also can stimulate hair growth.  It’s rich in the essential fatty acid ricinoleic acid that has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation decreases blood flow and thus nutrient flow to the hair, so decreasing inflammation can increase hair growth!

For the best results, you have to be consistent for a few months! I noticed a big difference when I did this daily!

Choosing properly-sourced, high quality castor oil is key! I like this brand and these applicators! Simply dip the applicator in the oil and apply like mascara to your brows and lashes, a little goes a long way!

Don’t scrub

Your facial tissues, brows and lashes are very delicate.  Scrubbing them or aggressively removing makeup can damage and remove your little hairs without you even realizing it! This is one of the many reasons why I don’t wear eye makeup every day, but when I do, I use a high quality, effective cleansing routine! Start with these One Step Makeup Remover Wipes (seriously you don’t need to scrub to remove your makeup) and then follow it up with my favorite Cleansing Balm. It’s magic, trust me…get the tutorial here!

If you want more tips, check out my natural girls guide to healthy hair!!

Do you have a favorite hair growth tip? Share below so everyone can benefit!

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