Choosing an Organic Baby Mattress with Naturepedic



Choosing an Organic Baby Mattress with Naturepedic | Flourish

Choosing to invest in non-toxic and organic cotton options for our home has been a big priority for my husband and I over the past year and a half and I can honestly say, I personally have noticed a huge difference in my skin, hormones and energy levels!

When we found out we were expecting our little Remington Claire, I was too sick most of the pregnancy to think about much, but I did know for certain that I wanted her to sleep on an organic mattress, and my husband wholeheartedly agreed, especially when I gave him the statistics and info!

Choosing an Organic Baby Mattress with Naturepedic | FlourishChoosing an Organic Baby Mattress with Naturepedic | Flourish

Babies, especially in the early years, spend a majority of the days & nights sleeping, so a mattress is one of the most prominent items in their environment.  Babies and young children rapidly grow and their little bodies are still developing in the earlier years, making their environment so important to keep on the safer, non-toxic side to not add any unnecessary strain on their little bodies.

Sadly today, many toxic chemicals previously used in baby mattresses for decades have been banned but only to be replaced with other chemicals that are just as harmful.  But the flip side is that thankfully companies, researchers and consumers are drawing the connection between many modern issues in development and toxin in our environment today.  Choosing an Organic Baby Mattress with Naturepedic | Flourish

In doing my research, I came across Naturepedic and was instantly drawn to their high standards of quality but also their beautiful and functional design.  They created a mattress that is safe but also allergy-friendly and functional with a waterproof, lightweight and breathable design!

I chose Naturepedic’s Ultra Breathable 2-Stage Organic Crib Mattress, mostly because I love how informative and transparent the company is, but also because the mattress has two sides—a firmer infant side and a slightly softer toddler size.  My husband and I wanted to invest in an item that would be safe for Remington but also one she could grow into and use for a few years. 

Naturepedic’s mattress is also waterproof making cleanups a lot easier (yes, simplicity is a win in these early stages) and their waterproofing technique uses non-GMO plant-based polyethylene instead of a bunch of chemicals.  Because Naturepedic is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, this means that their quality of raw ingredients and manufacturing process is as good as it gets, but also their environmental and social standards for workers in the textile industry are high.

Plus, I love supporting this family owned business and made in the USA is always a win in my mind!

I have a lot to learn in motherhood and raising a daughter, but I do rest easier knowing in my heart that I have done the best to create a safe, peaceful environment for Remington to grow! Morning kisses and snuggles are that much sweeter knowing she has slept peacefully on her organic mattress.

Disclosure: Naturepedic gifted me this mattress for review, but all thoughts and opinions are uniquely my own and I whole heartedly recommend this mattress and company.

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