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Unscripted: What Postpartum Depression Looked Like for Me

Jun 24, 2019


I looked at my husband and said “I just can’t do it.” 

We were all set to record a video on postpartum health this past weekend, and it was a good script, but it just didn’t feel right in the moment.

Stephen said, “Why don’t you ditch the script, forget the lights and the camera, and just speak from the heart.”

So that’s exactly what I did >

Take a look at my journey—Unscripted: What Postpartum Depression Looked like for Me >

I originally shared I had been navigating postpartum depression a few months ago, and it’s the most raw and vulnerable I have ever been. I was pretty quiet about my experience during the midst of it because I truly needed to navigate this season first before sharing.

It’s not easy to share these difficult seasons and put myself out there in the public scrutiny, but if me sharing can help just one women, then I know it’s worth it!

If you are struggling with postpartum depression or another difficult season of life, know that this does not define you as a woman, mama and human, it’s just a season! You are not weak in your struggles, in fact I believe that our struggles make us stronger because we have to fight harder.

If you need encouragement or a listening ear, please connect with me! I am happy to share my experience and help encourage you!

Watch the unscripted video >

Thank you for your encouragement, positivity and love in my life and business.

xx Caroline

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