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How to Take Advantage of Summer as Your Time to Reset and Develop Self-Care that Sticks

May 24, 2018

Summer Self Care Principles that Last | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTPSometimes I hear people say, “I need a vacation from my summer vacation!”  Well, depending on your job and lifestyle, you may not have a traditional “summer” but the principle still remains—we all need seasons of rest!  Don’t allow the summer to get away from you quickly or add more stress to your life.  Instead, take this season to allow your body and mind to rest, and rest deeply because in the end, you will be a better wife, husband, mother, father,  and business partner!

Developing positive routines and rituals and practicing gratitude is one aspect of creating a healthy, content life and self care can be a big part of that.  But self care doesn’t have to be expensive or glamorous—it is about your mindset and summer is the perfect opportunity to put yourself in that mindset (we talk all about the mind-body connection of self care in this podcast episode).  The self care routines and principles you create today will carry with you through life!

Look for more opportunities and activities to put your phone down, soak up the fresh air and make memories!

Summer Self Care Principles that Last | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTPSummer Self-Care Principles

Be More Spontaneous While Still Saying ‘No’

Having the time and space to just breathe and allowing yourself to be spontaneous can bring on adventures or ideas you never knew you were passionate about.  It is so easy to get swept up in the hustle of life, even in the summer months—so don’t feel guilty for not packing your schedule full or saying no to certain events.

Think about how much you do for you. Do you make decisions to hang out with other families or couples for the benefit of yourself or is it because you feel badly and you say ‘Yes’ for them? What can you say ‘Yes’ to for yourself more this season? 

Practice Simple Joys and Gratitude

Self care isn’t always about taking a fancy vacation or going to the spa, although I do love those, but it truly is a mentality you can practice each day!  Choose to find joy in the little things—the sunshine, salty ocean air, late nights drinking sangria on the patio, fresh flowers from the farmers market or making homemade strawberry jam.  

When you’re outside, just take a few minutes of alone time and take a deep breath. What do you notice in those moments? What can you be grateful for in that time? Writing these down or at least acknowledging them will help you tremendously in staying positive.

When you put yourself in a positive mentality and take delight in life’s daily, simple joys, self care becomes a constant practice that keeps you healthy and content!

Try Something New

There truly are endless opportunities in this modern world, so take the summer to try a new activity or hobby! Your children might be in gymnastics or swim lessons, but as an adult you should give yourself the same opportunity to take up something new.  

Have you always wanted to take that cooking class with your spouse, but never had the time? Check your local area for free classes or exhibits that might be in town for the summer.  Remember, there is no perfect time, only now, so don’t put off something that interests you!

Observe a “Sabbath” Day

Now this doesn’t have to be Sunday or anything religious related, but have a day each week this summer where you don’t have tasks or plans!  When things get hectic, it’s best to have a full day off. One where maybe you just veg-out! And that’s totally normal and healthy.

Maybe even take a day off social media or away from your laptop.  I can promise you will be instantly refreshed and ready to dive back into life!

Clean Out the Clutter (In your home and your brain!)

Now, you may be wondering how cleaning out is self care, but when our homes, lives and brains are filled with clutter we simply cannot operate at our highest potential!  Clutter creates a distraction that draws us away from our priorities, creative pursuits, relationships, thoughts and ultimately what we want to do.  Clutter makes us less focused and efficient! 

Spending 30 minutes each week cleaning out an area of your house, or even your email inbox, will give you more time to do what you love.


What self care routines do you enjoy?

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