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Episode 81: Vulnerability & Grace in Recovering from an Eating Disorder with Ashlyn Carter

May 21, 2018

Episode 81: Vulnerability & Grace in Recovering from an Eating Disorder with Ashlyn CarterToday we had the honor of chatting with a special guest and friend and a new type of guest to the podcast, a copywriter!  Ashlyn Carter is a fabulous entrepreneur, calligrapher and copywriter in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although Ashlyn writes and tells stories for a living, her personal story is truly one of redemption and both physical and mental healing.  After landing her dream PR job out of college, Ashlyn eventually was consumed with an eating disorder, anxiety and depression. This mental and physical struggle was one she didn’t set out to have, but rather at the time, food and controlling what she put in her mouth was the only thing she could control.  

But her story doesn’t end there—it’s one of dedication, hard work, a supportive husband and intentionally choosing to redeem her story.  She talks so much encouragement and truth in our interview and how she daily chooses to conquer this struggle.

Her message of vulnerability and grace is powerful and we hope her story positively influences many! We can promise you will be captivated by her!

Connect with Ashlyn at and Instagram.


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Highlight Reel

06:20 | The girl that “had it all together” with the dream job

13:20 | Life was like a boulder crashing down a hill, unstoppable

29:08 | Daily practices tied to long term success

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