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You all know I adore my daily wellness rhythms, not just doing them for the sake of checking the box or because they are “good” for me, but because I truly crave these rhythms.

Romanticize = joy. Joy = consistency.

Around here, nourishment is anticipated daily because it’s beautiful, fun and joyful! Rather than going through the motions, forcing yourself to eat a certain way or swallow a bucket full of vitamins, take joy in the act of nourishing your body and heart!

Coming up with this list renewed something in me too—to approach the day with anticipation and awe, to find joy in the little moments and actions we do each day.

I hope it equally inspires you to romanticize and elevate your wellness routines!

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Picture of Caroline using a dropper to pour some Wooden Spoon Herbs - Mushroom Magic on a tea cup. A perfect way to romanticize your wellness rhythms

Add Mushroom Magic + cinnamon to your morning coffee.

This blend of medicinal mushrooms is a modern woman’s best friend to support balance, focus, calm and health. Adaptogens help you navigate your unique stressor, giving you what you need in the moment, either producing a calming or energizing effect.

Mushroom Magic encourages you to navigate the demands of life with more ease and energy. If you feel frazzled, overwhelmed or anxious in the morning or throughout the day, you’ll notice the biggest difference with this simple addition.

Add to your morning cup of coffee, decaf or tea—pause for a moment, take a deep breath and anticipate the day ahead!

Picture of Caroline eating some pancakes and smiling. A perfect way to romanticize your wellness rhythms

Get creative and play with different flavors.

Rose, green botanical manuka, blue spirulina, blue tansy, bee pollen and matcha are my favorite additions and colors right now! Nature has so many beautiful colors, flavors and scents. Mix things up, play around, get creative and enjoy nourishing your body, heart and skin!

Front picture of two bottles of Wooden Spoon Herbs Mushroom Magics on a golden bowl.

Make your supplement routine FUN.

Taking your vitamins does not have to mean a huge list or swallowing a bowlful of pills. Nourishing your body can mean simple additions, delicious flavors, colors and ways to enhance your nutrition along the way. Romanticizing your supplement routine brings both joy and nourishment.

Picture of a plate on a couch with two toasts with Manuka Honey

Proactively plan an intentional ‘reset’ for your hardest time of day.

Sometimes we just need to press the ‘reset’ button! Plan a short 5 minute rhythm for your hardest time of day—when you feel the most overwhelmed or flustered, or even the time of day when your kids or your work needs you to show up with your best self!

Here’s what I love to do to ‘reset’:

  1. Water therapy: Run your hands through cold water—this activates the central nervous system and can “temporarily pause” a spiral downward.
  2. Hydrate with minerals: Cells need to be properly hydrated to function efficiently and for neurological communication. Minerals are the spark plugs that help make everything happen! 
  3. Make a fun drink: For me, it’s typically Lemon Lime Collagen (so refreshing) with added amino acids to curb sugar cravings and keep blood sugar stable and CBG, the calming cannabinoid which can decrease anxious thoughts.
  4. Chocolate. Because chocolate. Magnesium for calming energy and serotonin, the ‘feel good’ hormone. Yes please.
  5. CBD: Microdose CBD to shift your brain to handle the waves of anxious thoughts, overwhelm or exhaustion better! I love using this tincture during the day’s more intense moments and give it to my kids too to lower the intensity of the entire house!
  6. Deep breathing. Don’t overcomplicate it, just inhale and exhale strongly.
Picture of Caroline holding two full cups, one is the Lemon Lime Collagen. A perfect way to romanticize your wellness rhythms

Elevate your wellness accessories.

Yes, drinking out of a fun cup is scientifically proven to increase your hydration. 😉

Whether it’s your mug, supplement dish, straws or rippled glass cup, make it fun because you’ll be that much more likely to be consistent!

Picture of a totally set dine table with three lit candles.

Light a candle.

The other morning in the pre-dawn hour of 5am, I lit a candle and did my morning devotions by candlelight. It was so cozy and refreshing that the next morning, I looked forward to my morning quiet time even more. 

Candles can usher in a moment of pause and distract from the overstimulation of the day. When I’m attempting to get dinner on the table for 3 hungry little mouths, I always ask my daughter to set the table and light a candle. She loves this ritual and it’s just enough distraction to get dinner on the table!

Picture of Caroline holding some folded clothes

Love the clothes you wear.

Getting dressed + ready for the day is an instant energy and confidence booster!

I’m a big fan of getting dressed and ready for the day—it’s truly about how I show up for myself and the confidence and energy I bring to the day. Wearing clothes that make you feel good about your current season of life and body will boost your confidence and help you walk positively into the day!

I keep it simple with my favorite…jeans, tennis skirt, linen button up, white tee shirt (customize your embroidery), cloud like sneakers and leather sandals. Don’t over complicate it, simply love the clothes you wear!

Picture of Caroline sitting on the floor with her two babies happily eating some Manuka Honey

View nourishment as connection.

Oftentimes we get so caught up in what’s on our plate, we forget the other parts of nourishment—connection, memories, relaxation, laughter, conversations. Nourishment provides so much more than nutrients. 

Pausing for a moment nourishes more than our body, it nourishes our hearts. I love daily spoonfuls of honey with my littles, taking them to ice cream or making pizza together on Friday nights. Choosing to focus more on the moment, than the food has released so much stress for me!

One of my favorite moments lately has been gathered around the kitchen island with all 3 of our littles enjoying slices of warm sourdough bread before bed. It pauses the end of day fatigue and is always a sweet moment together.

Picture of Caroline sitting in a bed  with an open book while drinking tea

Create a sleep environment you anticipate & crave.

I adore getting into bed, and I adore sleep. But that hasn’t always been the case. Creating the right sleep environment is key. If you aren’t comfortable when you sleep, you won’t look forward to it OR get deep sleep.

This sleep formula is gold! 👇🏽

  • Make it cool: the best sleep happens between 68-72 degrees with a bit of air circulating. This vintage fan is too fun.
  • Invest in quality bedding: tell me something better than good sheets? Linen helps regulate your body temperature and gets softer with each wash, they also hold up over time better than cotton, so are worth the investment!
  • Wear ear plugs: I’ve tried so many ear plugs and these are a game changer, they stay in and filter out the little noises that could wake you up.
  • Take Sleep Support before bed: this calms racing thoughts and any sleep anxiety so that you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep. You’ll wake up energized and refreshed and anticipate sleep the next night.

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Picture of an office table with lots of books and planners. A perfect way to romanticize your wellness rhythms.

Set aside time to plan your week, meals and wellness rhythms.

You may even start to enjoy this process. I’m not a meal prepper, if you are I’m so proud of you!, but I do love having a basic outline of our meals for the week. This planning process has changed everything for me and made it so much more enjoyable. I actually crave and look forward to this Sunday afternoon routine. I joke that if dinner is planned by 9am, our entire day goes smoother. 🙋🏼‍♀️

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Picture of a person holding a brush with one hand while extending the other arm

Don’t worry about what’s ‘trendy.’

Enough said. Trying to stay on top of trends or the latest biohack is stressful and anxiety producing. Do what you know works for you, but also don’t be afraid to admit when something isn’t working!

Picture of a hand holding a cup of Magic Magnesium

Enhance your water to make it fun.

Let’s be honest, plain water gets boring. Life’s too short for boring. 🥳

There is NO need to force water down. [In fact, overly consuming water without electrolytes can sometimes dehydrate you.] 

Get creative, make a mess and a fun drink.

  • Magic Magnesium: refreshing, tart and calming.
  • Lemon Lime Collagen: mood boosting, hair enhancing and calming in all the best ways. I crave this, sometimes even twice a day.
  • Citrus: Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to sparkling water.
  • Rose Iced Matcha: the best!

Be creative, make a mess and a fun drink. Get our full beverage guide >

Black and White picture of Caroline drinking tea

Find your cozy spot to unwind.

Mine is my bed—after a long day the one thing that relaxes me physically and mentally is getting into bed. It’s like the stress of the day quickly melts. If you are having difficulty unwinding at night or feel like your mind is racing, figure out your cozy spot to relax. Make a cup of tea or tart cherry juice, invest in good sheets (these are next level good) and curl up with your favorite book or movie. Rest is different than sleep, we need both!

Picture of Caroline sitting on a stool while holding a bouquet of flowers

Focus on healing first so you can enjoy life and flourish.

So often, we simply don’t have the energy to create, cook or enjoy the moment. Don’t force yourself to do something your body isn’t capable of right now.

I often tell my clients, and remind myself, that a good sign of healing is enjoying the little pleasures again, creating, cooking, doing what you love.

Just because something is common, does not mean it has to be YOUR normal. As women, especially mothers with small children, we often accept it’s common to feel anxious thoughts, overwhelm, overstimulation, fatigue and brain fog. But these symptoms do not have to be your daily normal. They are your body’s beautiful way of asking for help! Don’t push off healing—you can (and deserve to!) feel great.

Nourishing your body + mind with rest, laughter and connection is just as important as the food on your plate.

Picture of three children standing on a kitchen countertop eating and interacting with each other

Gather around the kitchen for snacks + memories with your kids.

One of the sweetest moments I have with my children is dimming the lights at night and gathering around our kitchen island for some hot sourdough toast and “nighttime juice” aka tart cherry juice. It’s such a simple yet powerful memory that keeps me dedicated to our daily wellness rhythms. The anticipation of that memory again at night carries me through the often demanding afternoons, because I know a beautiful moment is coming.

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