My 5 Minute Clean Makeup Routine




Let’s just say my makeup routine is pretty simple these days! And it’s been a daily joy I look forward to during this quarantine season!

For me, getting ready isn’t about what I look like for others, but rather how I choose to show up for myself.

It boost my confidence and productivity all day long!

I feel confident wearing Beautycounter’s makeup each day because it is tested 6 times for human health and safety and batch tested for heavy metals—most companies don’t do this and it’s so important as ingredient’s safety can change batch to batch! Plus, in this hot and humid Southern weather, it feels and looks great all day long!

This really does take 5 minutes, even while chasing my cute little daughter because she has a habit of getting into my makeup! *wink*

I rest easy knowing that the ingredients are good for my skin + hormones …and my daughter’s cute kissable cheeks!


My 5 Minute Clean Makeup Routine

First, I always prep my skin. I use a few drops of Clarifying Serum and then moisturize with Brightening Facial Oil. Next I use the Gua Sha stone to help decrease puffiness and encourage lymph drainage and detox. Finally, I apply a bit of Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream under my eyes.

** You can get my 5 minute makeup routine as a discounted bundle in the Flawless in Five makeup set. Each item is customizable to you! **

Skin Twin Foundation // I LOVE this liquid foundation and typically I’m not a big liquid foundation fan. You can build coverage with a second or even third coat if you need more coverage. It feels and looks great all day even during the hot and humid summer. It also contains hyaluronic acid to help “plump” your skin in all the best ways!

Skin Twin Creamy Concealer // Great for under the eyes and to cover up any blemishes. It is SO creamy and doesn’t dry out your skin like some concealers do!

Mattifying Powder // This is a must step in my opinion and one that is often forgotten. It’s a translucent powder that is good for all skin colors and sets your makeup. This powder is what keeps everything looking and feeling glam all day!

Blush // A little goes a long way. I’ve had mine for 2 years now and it’s still going strong. I love Nectar and Sorbet.

Brilliant Brow Gel // Game changer is an understatement. This brow gel highlights your natural brows and beautifully frames your face. I often wear this even on days when I wear no makeup as it always makes me feel so put together. I’ve really struggled with hair loss due to Hashimotos and this helps!

Volumizing Mascara // Honestly I go back and forth if I like this mascara, but recently I’ve been loving it. It’s not super intense, so I still use toxic mascara for fancy occasions, but day to day this is great. I doesn’t burn my eyes (other more “natural” ones do) and it doesn’t smear or flake, so that’s a bonus!

Lipstick // Beautycounter’s lipstick is what made me fall in love with the company truthfully! I’ve never been a lipstick person, but this feels so light and like anything is on. I’m never without lipstick these days—it always gives me a big confidence boost! I love Twig and Brunch for everyday and Rosewood is my all time favorite for day and night use!

See how simple that is?! 5 minutes to a glamorous and confident day!


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