Episode 72: Creating a Non-Toxic Home Part 2

Episode 72: Creating a Non-Toxic Home Part 2



Episode 72: Creating a Non-Toxic Home Part 2

Today’s episode is Part 2 of our “Creating a Non-Toxic Home” series and we are so excited because this is the stuff that really helps bring this topic…well…home! If you missed it, definitely listen in to Part 1 of the series, the “why” behind it all.

As Nutritional Therapists who talk about this specific topic with clients on the regular, we know that it can be a little overwhelming to get started. On today’s episode we are sharing just how to begin cleaning up your home environment and creating a space that is safe and supports your health. We are sharing the best places to get started and our tried-and-true favorite products and companies who are creating a positive change in our homes and in their industries. From cleaning and laundry to food storage, cookware and water, we’ve got just what you need to know to make the clean swap (we even threw in our fave air purifying plants!).

We love this topic because it’s one of the many ways we can be advocates for our health and make serious impact just by choosing safer products. We hope this episode will further inspire you to begin swapping out those chemie filled products or continue on your journey to creating a non-toxic home!

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Highlight Reel

08:55 | The best place to start when creating your non-toxic home (and our favorite brands)

25:34 | Food storage–what our food sits on and in matters

42:36 | Our favorite plants to clean the air

47:02 | Taking your non-toxic home game a huge step further (think mattress, sheets, towels, paints, etc.)


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