Episode 73: Emotionally & Physically Healing from Miscarriage

Episode 73: Emotionally & Physically Healing from Miscarriage



Episode 73: Emotionally & Physically Healing from Miscarriage

Today’s episode is a challenging one. It was challenging for us to record and it may even be challenging for you to listen to (you may need tissues my friend), especially if miscarriage is a part of your story. We’ve been wanting to do this episode for a while, but speaking so openly and freely about loss doesn’t come easy. With that being said, we’ve both found healing and connection in sharing our own personal stories of loss with other women.

We wanted to start a conversation about miscarriage because sometimes just knowing that you’re not alone, that other women have walked this path before you, can bring an incredible sense of comfort. So today, for the first time on the podcast, we’re both sharing our miscarriage stories, how we grieved and how we’ve begun the healing process in our own lives.

Coming from a nutritional therapy perspective, we also wanted to share some ways to begin to physically and emotionally heal after miscarriage, something that isn’t talked about much…if any.  Because as those of you who’ve walked this road know, healing is a process and each woman and couple’s journey is different.

We know that this episode will reach each woman who listens in a different way, but we hope it’s positive for all. Our hearts ache for each one of you who’ve experienced loss and we pray that you’ll find healing and strength in your own time.

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Highlight Reel:

06:50 | Caroline shares her story of loss

14:17 | Justine shares miscarriage stories

32:24 | Everyone handles grief differently

41:50 | Healing physically (building blood and supporting adrenal and hormonal health)

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