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    Episode 76: The Mind-Body Connection of Self-Care - Flourish
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    Episode 76: The Mind-Body Connection of Self-Care

    Apr 16, 2018

    Episode 76: The Mind-Body Connection of Self CareWe’ve talked about self-care on the podcast before, on many occasions in fact, because we both feel it is such an important part of a healthy life. The more we learn and the more we practice self-care within our own lives, the more we realize just how essential it is with the positive impact it has on mental and physical well-being.

    Today we want to look at the mind-body connection of self-care to begin to understand just how helpful it can be on creating a more vibrant life. We totally understand that some of you listening may still feel a little selfish taking time for yourself, but we know that diving into this topic beyond the “fad” aspect and really looking into how it improves our physical and mental health will give you permission to make it a priority within your own life.

    We are talking about the mind-body connection and how self-care plays into it, how to create a healthy self-care practice and a few ideas to help get you started. We’ve also got a fun little challenge for you that will help jump-start your self-care routine.

    Thank you to the Nutritional Therapy Association for sponsoring this episode!

    Highlight Reel

    06:09 | Why w e feel women need self-care more than anyone

    08:30 | The mind-body connection of self-care

    30:15 | 10 ideas for self-care activities

    39:55 | Taking action: A 10-day self-care challenge

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