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Ah I had SO much fun putting this gift guide together!

I truly believe we have too much clutter today, and our children really have too much stuff and clutter. It is not only overwhelming but also can be stressful on one’s health.  With Remington I have been VERY intentional about all her purchases.  It is so easy to just keep shopping for her because baby things are just too cute, but that only causes more unnecessary stress.

Yes, she has nice things but she has just what she needs!  Personally I prefer quality over quantity and take the time to thoughtfully choose her items because I know they will bring more joy and get more use in the big picture.

These are all items we personally use and love each day—plus a few of my new mama essentials! Enjoy this gift guide for the new mama, seasoned mama and baby alike!

The Conscious Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide

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1 Briar Bonnets—I am obsessed with these little bonnets and always get so many questions where they are from when Remington wears one.  They are so precious, most are organic lined and thankfully stay on the baby’s head!

Similar Gifts: Khahn, Wild Wawa, Quincy Mae, Hello Charlie

2 Maya Brenner Necklace—I was given this as a gift and absolutely love it!  I wear an R for Remington and you can always add letters! It is a special reminder—quite often I hold the R and tear up with thankfulness—and the perfect everyday necklace for the new mama. Oh and Remington pulls at it all the time, so it is quite sturdy.

3 Primally Pure Baby Set—This is the perfect gift for a new mama + baby or to keep one handy for yourself as I personally love using many of the products.  These are perfect for sensitive skin using all natural ingredients and no harsh essential oils.

Similar Gifts: Calming Diaper Rash Cream

4 Organic Cotton Swaddles—These soft swaddles are the perfect gifts and I love the organic cotton for your little’s sensitive skin!

Similar Gifts: Little Unicorn Swaddles, Matlasse Blanket

5 Wicker Strolley Basket—I saw this in a store a few months ago and have been thinking of it ever since because it is just too cute…and my sweet parents gifted this to Remington for Christmas! I try to keep plastic out as much as possible so I love the basket style.

6 Cleansing Balm—Perfect for the new mama or really anyone, this stuff is straight up magic and has helped my skin SO much postpartum and anytime my skin or pores just feel irritated.  The great thing is that it doubles as a makeup remover and deep cleansing/nourishing nighttime mask, so it is the perfect multitasker for busy moms or when you are tired at night!  If there is one safer skincare item to buy, this is my #1!!

Similar Gifts: Travel Size Cleansing Balm, Overnight Resurfacing Peel, Cleansing Oil

7 All the Little Bows—My favorite bow & tight shop and the owner is just the sweetest! I love supporting many of these fellow mama run small companies and many employ seamstresses around the country who work from home!

Similar Gifts: Pip & Willow (bowties too!), Rosalie & Junie

8 Canvas Purse Pouch—This may seem so silly but it truly helps keep my purse/diaper bag organized and organization is key (although I do revolt against it very often).  I keep a few diapers in this pouch along with any of my essentials like lip balm, lipstick, hand cream, hand sanitizer and bobby pins.  Usually when I am just going somewhere quick or out to dinner I will just grab the pouch rather than my whole bag.  It’s the best!

Similar Gifts: Leather Tech Case, Medium Leather Zipper Pouch, Tall Structured Leather Tote (my daily bag!)

9 Sun & Lace Baby Moccasins—I mean aren’t baby shoes the cutest ever?! I have had to resist myself so many times.  I love the soft leather, small batch designs and these ones are quality that actually stay on baby’s feet.

Similar Gifts: Piper Finn, Starry Knight Design, Ullaviggo, Quail Lane Co

10 Gathre Leather Changing Mat—This is my favorite “mommy” item since having a baby and it comes in so handy!! The leather can easily be wiped down with a wipe or cloth, saving you alot of laundry for any changing spills (which happen quite often)!  I also love to use this when traveling to keep it a bit more sanitary. I recommend the Micro+ to give you a bit of growing room.

11 Hazel Village Organic Cotton Dolls—These dolls and woodland friends are simply the sweetest and just a plus that they are made with organic cotton. They are made from talented artisans around the world and partner with these artisans to help with education and other services.  I love that they have multiple outfits so you can expand the dolls wardrobe too!

Similar Gifts: Cuddle & Kind, Alimrose, Lavender & Linen

12 Wild Wawa Knit Sweater—I am a believer that less is more and honestly babies don’t need that many clothes.  I picked out a few pieces I truly loved this season and love keeping her wardrobe minimal and feminine! The winter knits are my favorite!!

Jamie Kay, Petit Coo, Noble Carriage, Hanna Anderson Organics, Baby Gap Organics, Zara, Baby Mori (softest ever!!)

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