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Mental health and physical wellness take practice and consistency. While my morning routine has changed over the years, from seasons of my husband deploying almost continually to raising 3 littles, I find that when I stay disciplined to a few key rituals in the morning, my energy and sense of calm increases and the whole family flourishes.

It’s truly a mindset shift from “these are things that I do for me” to “these disciplines are ones that impact our whole family.” 

Not every day looks the same, but I do attempt to get in a few of my non-negotiables right from the start of the morning routine—exercise, prayer time, vitamins, nourishment. I’ve been amazed at how this routine boosts my energy, calms tensions in our house, relieves my anxiety, and enhances my productivity as a nutritionist.

Black and white picture of Caroline standing by the window, holding a mug on her hands.

A few key “non-negotiables” in my morning routine—I approach these from a perspective of this is how I can easily and practically pour into myself so that I can pour into my family.

  1. Exercise
  2. Prayer + Bible time
  3. Getting dressed + ready for the day
  4. Taking CBD – biggest difference in my calm, capacity to handle stress and feeling balanced and ready to tackle the day!
Picture of the point of view of a person sitting on a bed holding a mug with the left hand. A book and eyeglasses are on the bed also. The perfect morning routine.

Here’s the flow of my ideal morning routine:

5:30 am – My alarm clock goes off

Now that I’m in the habit of waking early, I most often naturally awaken before my alarm. I keep my phone on airplane mode and don’t check it for at least an hour. One of the biggest shifts that has helped me wake up early is knowing how much I need quiet time in the morning and how a few moments of peace sets the tone for the entire day.

First thing, I take my thyroid medicine (for Hashimotos) and a few homeopathic remedies that need to be taken away from food. I keep these at my bedside table so I don’t forget.

I quickly slip into my workout clothes and shoes and quietly dip outside for a morning run. 

5:45 am – Consistent exercise

As I am recovering from very intense postpartum anxiety and depression, consistent exercise has been one of the greatest assets. Exercising in a manner I love has helped me approach the day with more calm, patience and focus. Right from the start, I am nourishing my mind and body and starting from a place of capacity rather than urgency.

6:15 am – Facial ice bath + get ready

I do a facial ice bath (to boost lymphatic flow and release tension), shower and get ready for the day. Getting ready for the day is about how I show up for myself, not how I look for others. 

I’ve found that when I take a few minutes to get dressed + ready for the day, I feel more patient, energized and productive! I’m a minimalist makeup, jeans and cozy sweater type of girl.

Picture of a 2023 planner, a book called "Breath as Prayer" from Jennifer Tucker and eyeglasses. A good morning routine.

6:30 am – Kids are awake!

Typically by now the crew of littles is awake with intense hunger and energy! If they are still sleeping, I’ll pull out my prayer journal, Bible and Breath as Prayer book. If they are awake I’ll save that for later.

After I breastfeed Beau, we usually read a few books, discuss our day and try to get everyone dressed and ready. This doesn’t always happen but I find that the sooner the clothes go on, the easier the morning.

Picture of the Mushroom Magic and the Manuka Imune Elixir on a plate with some pills on a little pot inside the plate.A good morning routine.

6:45 am – Healthy hydration + CBD + vitamins

Before sipping my coffee, I hydrate with a scoop of Magic Magnesium and Hydration Booster.

My husband preps coffee the night before—I add cream and Mushroom Magic to my decaf coffee. Here’s a great guide for nourishing drinks.

*Ideally* I set out our vitamins the night before but don’t always get to that. I’ve honed my list to keep it simple yet impactful:

  • CBD Broad Spectrum Nano Jellies: these are so effective, absorb 100% and the benefits last 24 hours) – use this link for $10 off!
  • Seed probiotic — FLOURISH15 for 15% off
  • Prenatals: great for women in any seasons—I decrease the amount if not pregnant
  • Vitamin C: the first vitamin to get depleted by stress, this is necessary for iron and collagen absorption as well as a healthy adrenal and immune response
  • Adaptogen Balance: stress support, energy

7:00 am – Breakfast time + nourishment

Breakfast is easy: sometimes it’s frozen waffles, other times I’ll whisk up gluten-free pancakes, or we’ll have scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast. I cut up fruit for the littles to nibble on as I prepare their plates. 

This part has taken time and consistency, and I learned SO much from Hunt, Gather, Parent on how to get your kids to help without nagging—the older kids will get their own vitamins, take a spoonful of Manuka Honey, feed Libby our dog and set the table with forks and water. 

7:30 am – House organization

We all thrive in an organized house—clutter fuels my anxiety and stress so we will finish tidying up, vacuum the kitchen and start a load of laundry (I usually prep and gather most of it the night before). This time is a bit chaotic—finishing up packing Remington’s lunch on her school days, attempting to finish getting ready myself and walking out the door for work and school. We will take turns picking out a song to sing and dance, and this always keeps everyone entertained and happy. It’s a whirlwind filled with laughs and tears.

Black and white picture of Caroline smiling, standing by the window, holding a mug on her hands.

8:00 am – Homeschool

Our sweet nanny arrives (Monday-Thursday) and I’m out the door to take Remington to her homeschool group 2 days a week. On Monday and Wednesday, Remington and I start her school work at her desk upstairs while our nanny plays with the boys. 

9:00 am – Begin my work day

Time for me to start work! I find that I get my best work done in the morning. Mom life always pulls me in a million different directions! Keeping this boundary and teaching our children to respect my time like I respect their time has been a process… But a process that has proven very fruitful!

My phone goes on ‘do not disturb’ for the next 4 hours until about 1pm. I give myself 2 big work tasks a day…oh and lots of minor ones. This helps me accomplish tasks fully and boosts my confidence rather than feeling overwhelmed and guilty for all the things I didn’t do. This helped me be more present at the end of my work day with my sweet littles.

Before I open my computer I pull out my planner and review the most essential task of the day. Then, I set my intentions. I usually have a nutrition consultation or two in the morning! So, I’ll time block my other important tasks around client meetings. If I’m feeling tired or a bit frazzled I usually go to a coffee shop in the morning.

My planner and blue blocking glasses are my favorite work companions.

What is your favorite or most challenging part of your morning routine?

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