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Next week, our sweet Beau, fondly called Beau bear, turns one! Truthfully, it’s been one of the hardest and most rewarding years of my life. The fact that I’ve made it out alive is a miracle and all praise to God!

Earlier this week, I was reading from one of my favorite books, Breath as Prayer: “Your weakness is not a failure but is instead the fertile ground for God’s strength to flourish in your life.

And it really hit me—my children’s struggles are not their failures, and they are not my failures—rather they are moments that allow my motherly intuition bloom and strengthen. I’ve had to advocate harder for my children and myself this past year than ever before, and for that I am proud.

There have been so many moments in my motherhood journey where people told me what my children were experiencing was just “common and normal”. I knew there had to be a better way, I knew something was off. And every time I trusted my intuition, we put together another puzzle piece of their unique story. We started to heal the situation and find answers. We started to relieve the pain, sleeplessness and suffering. 

All because I trusted my motherly intuition

Happy image of a mother with a baby on her lap in one arm and a child daughter dancing using the mother's other arm to dance with

There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.

Malcolm Gladwell

What is intuition?

Intuition is a type of knowledge that arises quickly without much deliberate thought.

Intuition is felt deep in your body, it’s trusting your body and mind. It isn’t fully logical or fully emotional—it’s somewhere floating in the middle.

Is the energy you are feeling, good or bad? Are you ignoring what you are feeling?

Are you tired and still pushing through rather than honoring your body’s signals?

Is someone else, who doesn’t intricately know your child, squelching your questions or thoughts about what your child is walking through?

Are we so focused on our agenda or our desires for our children (even if well intended) that we are ignoring our children’s own body signals?

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image of a mother and a child daughter touching their foreheads and bonding - this is a good intuition conection booster.

How to boost intuition as a mother?

Getting in touch with your mind and intuition takes time. Intuition requires practice.

Intuition, often described as innate ‘gut feeling,’ is a skill, it isn’t something that blossoms overnight. Instead, it’s a profound connection between the mind and the heart that requires nurturing and patience. Just like any skill or muscle, intuition needs to be exercised regularly. With time, consistent practice and listening to your inner voice, you can harness your gift of motherly intuition, transforming it into a guiding light as you make decisions.

Practice also means that sometimes your intuition may be off, and that’s ok. 

Practicing intuition isn’t a straightforward journey, because we are only human. Sometimes, our intuition might seem slightly out of focus. However, these moments of uncertainty shouldn’t discourage us, but instead serve as learning experiences. How can you embrace and learn from these instances, understanding that they’re a natural part of the growth process?

Intuition brings peace and calms fears.

Making a decision based off intuition will feel peaceful. Making a decision based off of fear, anxiety and what-ifs can leave your heart heavy and overwhelmed. Trusting your intuition requires patience taking a step back and see the bigger picture. I’ve found that pausing to say ‘no’ for now breathes new perspective into the situation. You can always go back and change your mind, but saying no in the moment gives you time to consider, research and see more puzzle pieces come together.

Experiences fuel intuition.

I have to say, my intuition as a mother after my third baby was much stronger than after my first. That’s because experiences and decisions form a network of thoughts deep within the brain where intuition pulls from. Each event, each choice, and every hurdle encountered serves as the foundation upon which intuition is built. Experiences bring perspective and guide decisions with clarity.

*This is not to say that you won’t have motherly intuition as a first time mama, trust me you will! But you’ll notice with time that your intuition grows clearer and stronger.

Quiet sparks intuition. Noise, clutter, stress crush intuition. Are you taking time to connect to your body and your mind?

The quietude of one’s surroundings acts as a catalyst for intuitive thoughts. In stark contrast, an environment filled with noise, disarray, and the weight of stress can stifle intuition. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s paramount to ask: “Am I carving out moments of silence and introspection?” 

How do you do this as a mom with little time and so much on your plate? Turn off the TV, news and even log out of social media. Put your phone on do not disturb for a few hours everyday. Go for a walk without your phone. Drive without playing music.

I’ve found that saying affirmations during the little moments— while changing diapers, on a walk, in the shower or folding laundry—shift my emotional and mental capacity. Silence, even if only for a moment, is when I see situations more clearly.

Exercise, journaling, solitude, physical touch, time away from your phone, being in nature, one on one time with your children, prayer, breathing—these activities bring awareness.

Engaging in activities like exercise, journaling, and moments of solitude forms a sanctuary for the mind, allowing it to declutter and refocus. Moments unplugged from our phones, social media and the news help us realign with our core values and insights. 

I took the last month fully off social media and I feel like new insight, joy and peace have been breathed into me. Spending more time with direct, in-person connection, rather than “feeling” life through the lens of social media, has allowed me to be present in both the good and bad moments and truly feel them for what they are.

When you tap into your intuition, you’ll fuel your body with energy and calm. And your children feed off that energy—they begin to co-regulate and their little bodies will be filled with energy and calm as well. 

Intuition sparks the healing process.

How can you trust your intuition as a mom today?

xx Caroline

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