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Goodness, the postpartum season is beautiful, yet equally messy and draining. Here on this blog you’ll learn all about natural remedies for postpartum stress.

Stress and overwhelm are our body’s natural defense mechanisms. Those feelings are present because your physical body is in a weakened state of capacity and energy—and mama, that is nothing you did wrong. In fact, you are doing everything right. Just remember you grew a baby and are nurturing a baby earthside.

Postpartum stress can look like so many different things depending on what you are uniquely going through. It can look like not being able to sleep even though you are exhausted, tears that turn into rage out of no where, forgetfulness, feeling frazzled or anxious and so much more.

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Why am I so stressed and depleted postpartum?


Bringing a baby into the world is a beautiful miracle, but it also comes at a cost to the mother’s health, both short and long term, leaving the mother seriously depleted.

YOU mama are creating life. Especially as the placenta grows, placental hormones start to rewire the mother’s brain, making you more sensitive to your growing baby’s needs.

Think of it this way: let’s say you are making a cake and need 2 cups of flour. You go to your pantry, take it out and bake your cake. In a few months, you want to make another cake but you never replenished your flour. You may not have enough to make a basic cake until you first replenish.

Your body needs the basic nutrient building blocks to begin the physical and mental healing. Your sweet baby took everything from you—and continues to take everything from you if you are breastfeeding. The only way to replenish is to intentionally restore what has been depleted.

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From one mama to another, here’s a peek into the natural remedies that have helped me navigate postpartum stress with a bit more ease.

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Postpartum Restorative Tonic

This delicious tonic is my top go-to because the deeply nourishing ingredients are all-encompassing. It’s easy to take a shot each morning and makes nourishing your body practical and fun. Filled with balancing adaptogens and energizing vitamins this is foundational to postpartum recovery. Personally I’ve noticed my emotions and mood to be much more balanced while taking this restorative tonic.

Best for: overall postpartum restoration

Mushroom Magic

Add to your morning cup of coffee or tea, this adaptogenic blend is great for balancing emotions and mood and encouraging a sense of calm and mental focus. These specific ingredients help you navigate life’s daily curveballs with more ease.

I had one sweet mama tell me that just after 3 days of Mushroom Magic “I have been more carefree, slower to get annoyed and noticing myself smiling more!” Postpartum or not, this tincture is so balancing!

Best for: anxiety relief, mood balance, calming energy


CBD has been the single most powerful tool for me both postpartum and in motherhood in general. CBD makes the waves of stress, responsibilities and exhaustion easier, you simply don’t notice them as much—it takes a short fuse and turns it into a longer fuse, so that you can respond more rationally and calmly.

CBD binds to serotonin receptors in our nerve cells that boost serotonin uptake—this helps calm the stress and fear based receptors that creates anxiety. Compared to other anxiety remedies, the effects of CBD are so subtle and gentle—you won’t experience as many ups and downs, just more overall balance. My favorite are the Broad Spectrum Nano Jellies—24 hours of benefits and due to the nano technology, full 100% absorption so that you get all the benefits and need less compared to other brands. Click here for $10 off!

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Best for: anxiety relief, mood balance, increasing your physical and mental capacity to handle stress, energy, sleep, overwhelm

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for every part of the adrenal cascade and used up more rapidly during moments or seasons of stress. Adrenal restoration is key to postpartum because our body requires energy to heal and balance in other ways. Physical healing, necessary no matter the type of delivery (whether you had a vaginal birth or cesarean birth), and hormone balance are energy-intensive processes. 

Adrenal function is a key building block for the mental and emotional well-being as well. So often we want to fix the anxiety or the panic or the fears, or even the guilt or self control, but your physical body right now doesn’t even have the capacity to handle this right now. Rebuild physically before forcing the mental picture to heal.

Best for: adrenal + energy support

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is a “spark plug” for energy—nourishes the brain and nervous system and supports the body’s natural energy production at the cellular level. Postpartum low levels are linked to depression, mood swings, fatigue, hair loss and anemia.

B12 helps boost your energy and activity levels—it’s often referred to as the energy vitamin as it increases energy levels and helps the cells actually use the proteins, fats and carbohydrates from food for energy.

Best for: adrenal + energy support


This is a beautiful postpartum homeopathic remedy when you fit this remedy picture. This woman feels overwhelmed by all of life’s demands and responsibilities but feels better after accomplishing a task. This mom is just totally worn out—and rightfully so, postpartum is exhausting! This is one of the best natural remedies for postpartum stress

Postpartum depression and anxiety often appear as indifference—when you feel like you can’t fully participate in a joyful moment. Before the life change of having a baby, this woman is typically very compassionate, their irritability and exhaustion in this current stage of life gets in the way of their compassion. This is huge—exhaustion gets in the way of compassion.

Please reach out for personalized support when choosing homeopathic remedies!

Best for: postpartum anxiety, depression, overwhelm

Kali Phos

This remedy has an affinity for nerves and the nervous system which is always where our body traps and holds stress. This can be amazing for sleep, anxiety, overwhelm, panic.

Best for: feeling frazzled or overwhelmed, sleep issues


Pulsatilla is another homeopathic remedy that can be great for postpartum overwhelm, anxiety and depression but with this remedy picture you often feel more sensitive and weepy. The ups and downs of the postpartum period are very challenging and this mom really desires help but can often feel very isolated.

Best for: postpartum anxiety, depression, overwhelm


This can be a beautiful remedy to support the body post birth, especially when the birth story involves feelings of invasion [surgery or some sort of procedure during birth]. The body and mind can suppress the trauma. Often with this remedy, the body is stuck back in that moment of trauma and can’t release it.

Best for: post birth, feelings of invasion

No Worries

This deeply soothing nervous system formula offers quick, grounding relief in anxious moments. This herbal tonic combined helps quickly calm excessive worries and anxious and obsessive thoughts. I keep it in my purse for easy access in the moment of need. If your mind is racing before bed, this can be a soothing blend.

Best for: anxiety, racing thoughts, grounding

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