Summer Bucket List



As you embrace this new season, take a moment to linger to the sound of the waves, the grass beneath your toes or the feel of a frosty, cool drink after a hot day. Find joy in nourishing yourself this summer.

xx Caroline

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Invite friends over for a patio charcuterie night. Light your Not Today, Bugs Candle, sip on something cool & watch the fireflies dancing.

Crafted with all natural ingredients, keep the bugs and toxins out of your summer days!


Take a splash in the pool. Add a teaspoon of Vitamin C Powder to your bath to neutralize and rinse off the chlorine.

Quickly negate the harmful effects of chlorine, chloramine and other toxic chemicals found in pool water…and even most bath water! A simple solution to protecting you and your little loves.


Make freshly squeezed lemonade. Add a dollop of Manuka Honey to sweeten and give your body a nutrient boost while you sip.

This medicinal grade Manuka Honey is high in antibacterial properties, digestive enzymes and minerals.

Manuka Honey Mint Lemonade recipe >


Make a creamy, frosty treat! Blend coffee, vanilla ice cream, a spoonful of Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and drizzle of Mushroom Magic.

Yes, a frappe with good-for-you, but you’d-never-know-it, ingredients!

Chocolate Mushroom Magic Frappe recipe >


Refresh your skin after a day in the sun by massaging a few drops of Green Manuka Botanical Serum into your skin for a youthful glow.

All natural ingredients that heal, sooth and refresh your skin with a luxurious feel day or night

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