How I’m ‘finding the magic’ in this quarantine season




Finding the magic ✨

^^ It’s something we are constantly searching for, right? Sometimes we think the grass is  greener or if we just do more of _____ we will have the answers. Fairy tales are written to ‘find the magic.’

If I’ve learned anything though my health struggles these past few years, it’s that often the answers are easier than we think. Often the “magic” is right in front of us, it’s just waiting to be discovered! But it takes slowing down, quieting the chaos and noise of life to discover.

Here’s how we have been finding the magic lately in the Potter household!

Take-out tailgates: this has been my favorite part of quarantine and something we for sure will do in the future. I love how this season has strengthened our creativity and made us thrive in the little moments of joy. Getting out of the house is SO important to calm the mind and fuel your creativity! Plus, let’s be honest…Chick-fil-a comes in handy when I’m just too tired to cook and clean—no guilt for having the occasional take out around here! Grab some takeout, find an empty parking lot, turn on some tunes and have a ‘tailgate.’

Sunday margin day: No plans, no schedules, just living. I talk with my Adrenal Collective students about the importance of having a margin day. Take a day or half a day to just live and be—no to-do list, no plans, no schedules. Yesterday our margin day involved take out cappuccinos and throwing rocks in the lake. If you think you don’t have time, trust me, rest creates more time big picture. And to top it all off, every Sunday night we have gluten free freezer pizza. No mess, no cleanup = happy and calm mama!

Natural fiber rugs for our new house: We are finally decorating our new (new to us) house and it’s been so fun! This is the first house in almost 8 years of marriage that we have been able to decorate, so we are taking our time and loving the process. Natural fiber rugs are top on my list to keep the air quality pure in our home! Here’s a round up of my favorites + WHY!

No-Drama Discipline: This book is A-MAZING! I love how it approaches ‘discipline’ from a consistent, loving and science based perspective. And knowing me, my favorite part is when it talks about how our parenting style can either calm or enrage cortisol and the stress hormones. It’s been such an encouragement to me as I enter the toddler years!

Three Wishes Cereal: Hello comfort food! Cereal evokes such a happy memory for me from childhood. But, it’s a food I haven’t enjoyed in almost a decade! This cereal is easy on my blood sugar and tummy and our whole family is obsessed. Use the code ‘FLOURISH’ for 10% off your first order! Pro tip: I usually mix the unsweetened with the cinnamon or honey!

Dry Shampoo: Let’s just say this is a girl’s best friend some days—I’m sure you can relate! 😉 Sharing the ingredients you want to avoid in dry shampoo and my top tips for making your hair feel glamorous even without a deep shampoo!

Clear Pore Cleanser: I don’t know about you, but life is getting hot and humid here in the deep South. I love using this cleanser about 3 times a week, even a bit more during hormonal times. It deeply cleanses without damaging your skin or drying it out too much! It’s a lifesaver in the summer!

Laughter: Remington is such a fun age right now and loves to be tickled and laugh. It’s been the most beautiful reminder that the best memories don’t always happen during a fancy vacation or a costly trip…the best is right in front of us! Life after dinner is for no phones, lake walks and lots of giggles. This special time fills me up daily!

Bread Srsly: I honestly typically avoid most gluten free breads because they either taste like cardboard or have some not so great ingredients! Until THIS bread—oh my goodness, it’s too good to be true! My blood sugar does so well too! Due to the fermentation process, some of the sugars are broken down making this bread is super easy on your blood sugar and digestion. And it makes for some delicious French toast on Sunday!

Unseen: I’ve found myself tearing up reading these pages—it’s as if this book was written for me in this exact season, especially for my type 1 enneagram self. Know that your ‘unseen’ moments deserve just as much glory as the flashy ones. The moments no one sees, when you are being faithful to the tasks in front of you matter. The world might not always see your crown, but it shines bright!

What’s helping you find the magic lately? A favorite quote, song, comfort food treat, activity? Do share!



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