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How to Sync Your Skincare Routine to Your Cycle

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May 26

Women’s hormones change every day—meaning our nutrition, cravings, mood (yes!), exercise, sleep and even skincare needs also change daily too!


You may have heard of cycle syncing or even seed cycling which can be so helpful in changing your routine slightly to meet your hormonal needs. I’ve been seed cycling for about 6 months now and seen such a positive change!

If you need convincing, this podcast episode on cycle syncing and productivity will blow your mind!

But have you ever thought about matching your skincare needs to your hormone cycles? 

This is a little secret sauce tip of mine! It makes your skincare routine that much more effective, giving your skin and hormones exactly what it needs day by day!

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What’s happening with our hormones

There are 4 phases of a female cycle—menstural, follicular, ovulation and luteal—but for the sake of skincare, I’m going to narrow it down to 2 to keep it simple.

The first two weeks of your cycle—from the start of your period to ovulation—you might notice more glowing and clear skin. This typically will start 1-2 days after the start of your cycle, but keep in mind EVERYONE is different. For me, my skin usually starts cleaning up right at the start of my cycle. Estrogen is low at the start of your cycle and continues to rise during the first 2 weeks.

Moving on to the next two weeks—from ovulation back to the start of another cycle—this is when *most* people experience hormonal acne and blemishes due to a rise in estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone is a more calming hormone and will peak during the second half. You may experience deep cystic acne, blemishes and even an increase in oil production.


How to cycle sync your skincare

So if our hormones are changing each day, our skincare needs will change too, right? Simple yet brilliant!

What if we could fine tune our skincare routine to match our hormonal changes and give our skin exactly what it needs in the moment?

Keep in mind that every woman’s needs are unique and personal—what works for me, may not work for you! I encourage you to pay attention to your body and skin cues and adjust accordingly!

Here’s my routine

First 2 weeks of cycle: my skin typically needs more moisture and is pretty clear of blemishes, so during this time I focus on gracefully aging support, brightening and moisture

I really focus on the Vitamin C serum (morning) and Radiance serum (night) during this phase. The Antioxidant Soft Cream gives the perfect amount of moisture without feeling greasy. I love that is absorbs right into your skin!

Second 2 weeks of my cycle: my skin’s moisture need drastically drops (especially in the hot/humid summer) and my need for clarifying and deeper cleansing increases.

My top product during this time is the Clarifying Serum! It’s literally liquid gold. Most mornings that’s all the moisture I need. I try to use the Clarifying Mask about every 3 days and use it as a spot treatment over blemishes almost nightly during this phase for about an hour while I’m doing dishes, watching a movie, etc.

What I’ve noticed

I started paying more attention to how my skincare needs changed with my cycle about 6 months ago. I would make little changes here and there. But about 2 months ago I got serious about it and put the above routine in place and WOW the change is huge! Normal hormonal blemishes that last a week-10 days now only last 3-5 days. It’s so crazy how just a few, intentional changes can make a big difference!

Have you ever tried cycle syncing your skincare routine? It’s been such a powerful tool for me and has made all the difference in my skin’s clarity!

How to Sync Your Skincare Routine to Your Cycle


How to Sync Your Skincare Routine to Your Cycle


How to Sync Your Skincare Routine to Your Cycle


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