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For Valentine’s my husband and I usually opt for dinner at home or a date day.  Since he travels so much, we never actually celebrate Valentine’s on the 14th, but we always take the time to enjoy a special day or moment with each other .  We love going to a lazy breakfast out, followed by a massage and then dinner and a movie at home.  This year I plan on making one of our favorite meals, Garlic Chicken Alfredo, which I just posted for you all!!

Valentine’s really doesn’t need to be about “stuff” but rather taking time out of your busy day to show love towards each other!

During the month of February here at Colorful Eats, I am focusing on “living with intention” so I put together a fun list of activities you can do with your Valentine and some thoughtful, intentional gifts—gifts that will not die in a week or give you a massive sugar hangover.  I have to admit I am kind of a sucker for cute Valentine’s cards and romantic gestures but in all honesty, both my husband and I don’t really like the commercialization that seems on rotation with every single holiday.  The endless candy and high prices of flowers just stress me out.

This year, I encourage you not to get stressed about finding the perfect present.  Let’s be honest, no girl or guy for that matter wants the perfect present, they simply just want to feel loved, to feel cherished and to feel remembered!

Valentine’s Activities & Gifts

Plan a romantic (or friend-zone) Valentine’s activity…

    • get a couples massage
    • go to an art museum and then out to lunch
    • take a class together—a cooking, dancing or art class
    • go hiking and get outside
    • grab a drink at sunset at a fancy restaurant
    • hop in the car with no plans at all and see where the road takes you
    • walk to your local coffee shop in the afternoon
    • build a fire and make dinner together (…& put the phones away!)
    • buy a living wreath or pot a plant instead of giving flowers that die so quickly—I love these blooming gifts!!
    • go out with your girl friends or Mom to afternoon tea
    • treat yourself to a spa day or get your nails painted with your girl friends

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Say it with chocolate…

Candy and chocolate seem to be big during Valentine’s day, but remember, chocolate is sadly often made very cheaply, full of bad ingredients and sourced from unethical situations.  Take the time to put a little love into choosing your chocolates this year.  

My favorite fair-trade and “healthy” chocolates are:

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Better beauty

Share the love of safer skincare and beauty items with your lover…

Handsome favorites

Little gifts for that man in your life…

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